Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


9. Surprise Guest

I woke with Niall's big blue eyes staring at me. "Emily?" "Yes Niall?" he stroked my hair. "Did you have a nightmare?" I shrugged. I actually had, I dreamed Niall died in a car acciendent and I survived. "Not that I remember." "Oh," he said. "You were crying in your sleep." I blushed. I hate to cry, especially in front of Niall. I got up and put a robe on, and grabbed my phone and started to call Abby. It went to voice mail. "Hey Abby, just calling to hi. But I'm sorry about what happened, please call me back! Bye." I hung up. "Have you heard from her?" Niall asked. "Yeah she sent me a text after we came back from the hospital and said she was pissed and stuff." I sighed. "It'll be fine." said Niall.

We met Louis, Eleanor, and Zayn in the lobby. "Where's Perrie?" Louis asked Zayn. "She had to go back home for work." Zayn replied. "Listen, the hospital is releasing Liam today and someone needs to watch him and make sure he takes care of himself." said Lou. I nodded, "Niall and I will take the first shift." I said. "Great, in 2 hours me El will come then Zayn and Harry. After that, Liam's parents should be here." Lou said. We all agreed and Niall and I caught a taxi to the hospital.

When we arrived, Liam was dressed normally in the hallway. "Hello." he said. "How are you feeling?" I asked. "Better everyday." he smiled. "How long you been watching her?" Niall asked. "Since 8 am." Liam replied. (Time now being 2 pm.) "Well let me & Emily give you a break. Go eat and take a nap. You've got to take care of yourself man, or your no good." said Niall. "Thanks but I-" "Liam, NOW." I said. He stood and walked to the cafeteria. "Well you didn't have to show him the eye of the devil!" said Niall. We walked in Danielle's room and relieved to see her awake. Her speech was a whisper. "Hey Dani. Niall and I are here to keep you company." I said. "How do you feel." she replied with a shaky voice, "Bad." It took everything I had not to cry. Looking into her eyes was like looking into a dark pit of sadness and hurt. I grabbed Niall for support. *beep* my phone. I stepped out in the hall.





"I'M SO SORRY! Please, how about I fly you out to L.A so we can talk? Please!"

"Fine. I can leave tomorrow." 

"Great! Abby I'm so sorry! I-"

She had hung up. Wonderful, now I have a fight with a friend, a friend in the hospital, and a friend who won't get out of the hospital! Then it hit me! I sent Harry a text.

To: Hazza :)

Hey! Can you meet me & a friend for lunch tomorrow at 12?

*3 mins later*

From: Hazza :)


I don't know what was going to happen tomorrow but hopefully, they both will gain a lover by the end of tomorrow! Niall's arms surrounded me. "30 more mins then Lou and Eleanor will take over." he smiled. "OK, so um, Abigail is flying out to L.A tomorrow. Our dime." I said with a nervous smile. "You gonna talk things out?" he asked. I nodded, then I saw Liam. He kind of gave me a scowl. I walked over to him. "Yes?" I asked. "I haven't spoken to you." he snapped. "I give you 1 job! ONE! To watch Danielle! You 2 are over there chatting!" he said. " "Whoa now! Niall and I have been talking for two minutes and the rest of the time, our #1 priority was DANIELLE!" I said, a little louder then necessary. He huffed, "Well you two are relieved from your duties!" he said. I was about to snap but Niall grabbed me and waved bye to Liam and he led me out. "It's not worth it, he's overwhelmed. He can't help it." Niall said. I blew my hair out of my face. "Well, I hope Louis and Eleanor can do better than us!" I said as I walked to a nearby bench.

Back at the hotel, I began to take a shower. Why was life so cruel at times? Danielle is at the FLIPPING HOSPITAL! Liam and I just had quite a spat, and as the cherry on top Abby is infuriated with me! I sank to my knees and sobbed. Niall came bursting in, "Emily what's wrong?" he threw back the curtain and wrapped me in a towel. He carried me to the bed and kept me in this arms like a baby. He began to rock me. Now some may find this embarrassing, but I embraced it! Niall was so sweet and caring. "Shh stop crying, your ok." he comforted me. "Nothings ok, NOTHING!" I said through tears. He stroked my hair and put my head under his chin. "I'm here, that's all you need."

I finished my shower tear less and let Niall shower. I  got under the covers and watched T.V. Niall came out with a robe around his bottom half, abs exposed. He put on some pajamas leaving his top half exposed and me loving it! "So listen, maybe we need to air out tomorrow." Niall said. "Like take a break and get our mind off things!" he said with a big smile. He went into the living room half of the hotel room and made a call. He walked back in, "OK, plans are confirmed so no changing your mind!" he smiled. "I hadn't even said yes!" I laughed! "But you are totally sweet!" I said. He shrugged and plopped down beside me, "Anything for my lady!" he smiled and kissed me. That kiss turned into a make out. He reached under my shirt and well the rest is history! *wink* 

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