Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


25. Spreading the News

~Emily's POV~

When we got to the bus, everyone was watching T.V. I acted normal and put my bag down. We sat down on the couch and joined them. "Have a fun night?" Lou asked. "Yes." I blushed. Abby gasped, "OH MY FAT CAT!! IS THAT A RING??" she exclaimed. Everyone looked at my hand. "Yes." I said. She climbed over to me and picked it up. Eleanor and Perrie came to look as well. "Good job Niall!" Eleanor said. "Congratulations!!" Harry said clapping his hands. The rest of the boys joined him. "Do you have a date in mind?" Zayn asked. "Nope, we are going to have to think about it." Niall said. I blushed as people looked at it, "Did you tell management?" Liam asked. Nye shook his head, "No, of course we are going to wait though." Niall replied. We wished everyone a good night and went into the girls bus. Niall changed into his sweat pants. I called my mother.

"Hey Mom! You won't believe-"

"Honey I'm sorry! I should have trusted you! I can't believe I sent your brothers out there."

I had honestly forgotten about that. "Well ma, that's ok. But that's not what I was calling about. NIALL PROPOSED! I am beyond happy right now!" I squealed. "Emily, you're 19! You can't get married till your at least 20!" My mother replied. "Can you not be happy for me?" I was getting really mad now. "Sweetheart I am! But don't you think you're rushing things hmmm?" I hung up. I put on a tank and some shorts and walked out. I needed to scream, so I took a deep breath, "HOLY F****** SHIT!" as loud as I possibly could. I didn't care who was listening. I walked back in, Nye had a look of concern. "Em, you alright?" he asked. "Yep, my mother isn't exactly happy for me though!" I folded my arms. Niall patted the bunk, "Come." he said. I layed in the bed, "You know you want to." he said. I put my fingers through his hair, it smelled so good. We started to make out. 

That night the bus took off to go to the last town of Maine. When I woke up, I was topless and I pulled the curtain of my bunk closed. Nye wasn't there, but then the curtain was pulled back to see Niall's sweet face. "Niall! You scared me!" I said. "Morning love!" he said. He handed me a shirt to put on. "Thank you." I blushed. I was still really tired. We were still moving. Niall threw me piggyback style on his back. We walked into the kitchen where donuts, sausage, and pancakes were waiting. "Here you are." Niall said letting me off on a chair at the bar. Harry and Abby were also up. "Who did this?" I asked. "Niall did all by himself." Harry said. I applauded, "I knew he could eat food, I didn't know he could make it!" I joked. They were so good!! "Hey Em, why were you upset last night?" Abby asked. I blushed remembering my vulgar outburst. "I told my mother about Niall and I being engaged and she wasn't that happy for me." I said. Harry laid a hand on my shoulder, "It's alright love! As long as you and Niall are happy." he said. I nodded. Just then Louis burst in, "Oh my gosh, I just love Emily! Forever and forever we'll be together!" he mocked Niall. "I was thinking of a wedding present then it hit me! A BIG, BUCKET, OF CARROTS!" he said laughing. Niall nudged him! "Hey thats food!" Niall played along. Eleanor followed. "Emily, we are really happy for you despite Lou's lack of seriousness!" she said. I blushed, "Thanks." Lou looked at Niall, "So last night, did you have pre honeymoon practice? Huh?" he said with a wink. "LOUIS!" I said. Niall was just laughing. "Just joking!" Lou said.

The bus stopped in a auditorium parking lot. I could hear Louis. "Hazza! You want to hear a cat joke?" Lou asked. "No." Harry said. "You gotta be kitten me!" Lou laughed. Oh Louis and his humor. Fans were waiting for the boys. Someone noticed my ring, "EMILY'S GOT A RING!" someone yelled. They almost got the gate open! Security grabbed me and swung me inside. Nye was right behind them. "That was insane!" Nye said.  I nodded, "Hey we passed a gas station. I think I'm going to get some snacks and stuff." I said. "I'll go with you." Niall said.   

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