Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


37. Southern Style

Something slimy was licking my face. I sat up, Cooper! I rubbed his head. Harry wasn't there. I got up and went downstairs. Momma was making french toast and Harry seemed to enjoy it. "Morning." I smiled. I sat down by Harry. "Morning sweetheart!" my mom smiled. Harry kissed my cheek. "I think your father has something planned for you two." my mom said. She placed a plate of french toast in front of me. "Food first, then I'll see what dad wants." I said.

We showered up and went outside. My dad was sitting on the porch sipping iced tea. "You need us dad?" I asked. "Hold out your hand." he said. I did so and he put a small item in my hand. I looked and it was the keys to our tricked out monster golf cart. I knew what dad wanted us to do today. So I said thanks and we raced up to my room. "I'd forgotten, but we have special plans today." I smiled. I pulled out my camouflage outfit and hat. Then I ran to Daniel's room and went through his stuff and found Harry some camo to! We dressed up and I smeared green & black makeup on Harry's face. "I think I know what we're doing." Harry said. We pulled on some boots, then went out into the garage. Our 4 wheeler was packed with guns and ammo. I pulled on a camo jacket and gave Harry one. Cooper jumped in and we pulled off.

"So, we're going hunting! This is how my family determines what kinda man you are. A yuppie city boy who can't shoot is what they're thinking now. Prove them wrong Haz!" I said. He laughed, "What does yuppie mean?" he asked, "A city slicker." I smiled. We drove about 2 miles onto my family's hunting ground. Cooper jumped out and was so excited. "We're hunting ducks now. "So, my duck blind is right here. It's where you hide to shoot them." I told Harry. He examined the old duck blind, "Is it safe?" he asked. "Of course." I said. We climbed up the ladder. I loaded my gun and showed Harry how. He looked so sexy in camo. I blew my duck call and we waited. First flock of ducks came in and I stood and shot. My blind sat in front of the pond on the land. Cooper jumped into the water and retrieved the duck. "That's how we do it Southern Style!" I laughed. "Let's practice." I suggested to Harry. He agreed. He stood, I helped him get the gun in the correct spot, I put my hands where his were, guiding his every move. My cheek was beside his, he kissed my cheek and I laughed, "Now you have hunting makeup on your lips." I whispered  "You're worth it." he replied. Just then more ducks came flying over. I aimed and fired 3 ducks down, "Nice moves!" Harry smiled. "That was all you!" I said. 

We loaded the ducks into the cart. I turned it on and took off. A perfect sunny day, well the mud wasn't going to be wet much longer. I sped through piles of mud and dirt flung all over us. Harry was just laughing his head off. This was my way of showing him who I was. A country girl who could be a redneck but also could be classy enough to date a british guy. We spun around and around, till finally I decided it was time to go. We were caked with mud. I loved it!

We left the ducks for dad to de-feather and mom was going to cook them for supper. "We're filthy!" Harry observed. I nodded, "Even better is getting clean!" I said. I grabbed him and took him to the side of the house. We striped down and I took the hose and we hosed off. I shrieked! It was cold! Towels hung inside the garage. I gave Harry one, and wrapped myself in one. We ran through the house to my room. Thankfully my parents had gone to the grocery store. We both got into the shower and washed all the makeup and stuff off. "I had lots of fun!" Harry said. He kissed my lips hard. My hands fell around his neck. He stopped, "I love you, black eye, mud, and all!" He joked.

That night was the first night Harry had ever had duck! He wanted more! "Southern cooking will put some muscle on your bony self!" Mom told Harry. Harry blushed, "He had muscle mom!" I said feeling the need to come to his defense. "Barely!" Mom said. She was joking I knew. After dinner, my brothers came over and we went outside to a waiting fire. "S'mores?" Harry asked. "Yes, we love to do that." I said. I grabbed his hand and we sat in the chairs closest to the fire. It was 65 out. It was freezing but Harry's warm body and the blanket kept me warm. We told stories and jokes like Harry & I had at Anne's. Family was my #1 priority and I could tell Harry felt very comfortable with my family. We snuggled close, I fed him a s'more. "These are so good! I'm going to gain 10 lbs. by the time we leave!" Harry laughed.  


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