Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


24. Seal the Deal

~Niall's POV~

HOW? WHY? NOOO! My Emily, my poor sweet Emily! It made me sick to think what had just happened. I climbed out of her bunk. "Come on, you're coming with me." I said. She climbed on my back and I carried her to our bus. As we changed I looked to see if the Jeep was still there, it wasn't. Good. I put her in my bed for her to rest and have some alone time. The guys were sitting around doing nothing. Harry noticed something was up. "What's wrong Niall?" he asked. "It's Emily. She discovered her brothers had been following us the whole time." I said sitting down in a bean bag chair. "Ouch." Liam said. I nodded, "So lads, you ever notice a black Jeep roaming around, tell me." I said. They nodded. "So she doesn't like it?" Lou asked. "Not in the slightest! She feels quite betrayed that her family doesn't trust her." I said. I put my hands through my hair frustrated. "This life, it's hard." Zayn said. "I want her mostly staying with me, if that's alright with you all. I want to make sure she's ok." I said. "Gotcha!" Lou said.

~Night of 2nd Concert~

Emily was still quite shaken but she kept good spirits. After the show, I went back to the bus to get changed. I wanted to show her a good time. "Going somewhere?" Harry asked. "Date." I smiled. "Ah! Have fun, don't be stupid and cheer Red up!" he smiled. To Emily, Harry was another brother. He looked out for her as I would Abby. She stepped out of the bus in a sleek purple dress with a black clutch and diamond earrings. Her hair, slightly curled. "You look amazing!" I said. "Thank you! You look quite handsome yourself!" she smiled. I took her arm and guided her into the limo. "So, where are we going?" she asked. "Surprise!" I beamed. "Oh I see!" she replied. I put my arm around her and held her hand. It was time she felt some love and compassion. She had been through a lot. We pulled up to Olive Garden, her favorite! "Oh my goodness Niall! I can't believe this!" she exclaimed. The fall breeze lifted her hair about. In this moment, everything was perfect.

As we ate our dinner, I used my best manners. "Wow, someone turned your gentlemen switch on!" she joked. "Funny! But, tonight is special!" I hinted. After dinner I took her to a small lake gazebo. I had set roses and candles around. She put her hands around her mouth. "Niall! Oh my." she was full of happiness. I felt the space in my pocket. We sat on the bench. The wind had picked up making it quite cold. She snuggled close. "Nye, this is so sweet! I cannot believe you did this for me! Honestly!" she smiled. I felt so confident, the moment was so right. We were so right.

I stood up leaving her sitting there. Nervousness filled me, I almost threw up. "Where you going?" she asked. I looked at her beautiful eyes. "Em, we've been going on for quite some time. Our relationship hasn't been perfect, but I believe we can withstand anything! You've always been there for me and supported me. So Emily-" I pulled out the ring. "Will you do me the honors of becoming Mrs. Emily Doe Horan?" I asked on one knee. She stood and was in tears! She nodded, "Of course!" She said falling into my arms. YES!!! I slipped the ring on her finger. "Oh Niall, it's so beautiful! I love you so much!" she smiled. I wrapped her in my arms, now I could keep her safe. We sat down, "When did you realize that you wanted to take the next step?" she asked still baffled. "Well, when you said you were pregnant and I realized I needed to step it up. Now I know you need someone to be there for you and always love you. I'm the man for the job!" I beamed. She kissed me, that kiss, sealed it all. I picked her up bridal style. We got in the limo. "Need a hotel room sir?" asked the driver. "No thanks." I said. We made out the whole way back. 

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