Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


6. Preparation

The next Morning

"Emily, get up!" Niall was shaking me.

"Good morning to you to!" I said. "Harry texted me and said that rehearsal for our performance at the award show was bumped an hour earlier so I have to go now!" He kissed me on the cheek, I could smell his wonderful shampooed hair. "OK, well bye! I love you!" I said, "Love you to!" he said as he shut the door.

I got dressed and got my phone and texted Eleanor.

"You doing anything?"



"Yes please!"

I met Eleanor downstairs for coffee and scones. "I am so excited to go to the awards!" she said. I nodded. "Yes, Niall and I will be breaking the news there. Heck, the press already got some pictures from the airport." I said. Eleanor gasped. "Oh right! Well at least you won't have to hide anymore." she said. I nodded, "True, in fact I don't know if I can keep anything from the press. How do you and Lou do it?" I asked. "We don't let the press determine our fate. If there is a problem stated in the magazines then we talk about it. All my faith is in Louis." she said. I nodded, how nice for them. Like a power couple. 

Eleanor went shopping around town while the boys rehearsed. Eleanor was really good at picking out clothes! "You have lots to teach me about being a Pop Star's girlfriend." I said. She laughed, "I treat it like a normal relationship. I pass that advice to you." she said. *buzz* Eleanor's phone rang. "That's Louis, he said rehearsal ended early and the boys are going to grab some lunch at a nearby cafe." "Sounds good, I'm starving!" I said.

I have to admit, it was a little awkward because Harry was the only single one. But it was nice to see all the boys. I had a unique bond with all of them. So did Dani, Eleanor, and Perrie. We said goodbye to everyone and Niall and I went shopping.

I held up a green hoodie for Niall to see. "Yes!! Good eye!" Niall said. "So how was rehearsal?" I asked. "Fine as usual. Uh... look at that shirt!" Niall said. "How was your day?" he asked. "Fine had breakfast with Eleanor and went shopping with her." He smiled, "Good, I was worried about what you were going to do all by yourself for 3 hours!" He said. I blushed, he was worried about me.

By the time we got back from shopping it was 7:30. We had grabbed some dinner as well. "Niall, I'm worried about Harry." I said. He gave me a concerned look. "Why?" "Everyone has a girlfriend but him. It's a little awkward. I think you should have a guys night tonight. No girls." I said. He pulled me close, "But I was looking forward to a night just you and me!"  I kissed him on the lips, "That's the thing, the boys are concerned with their girlfriends and getting distracted! Go text the boys or I will!" he stepped back and sat on the bed and looked at me. "I scored a good one. Caring, beautiful, considerate." Niall said. I smiled. He went and grabbed his phone.

"No ones available but Harry." Niall said. I smiled, "Good! Tell him you'll be ready in 5!" he went for a kiss but I gently redirected it, "Go!" I said.





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