Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


28. Party Planning

The boys left for rehearsal. Yes! My chance to plan Niall's birthday party for the next day! I called Abby and Eleanor. They came to the bus, "OK gals! We have about 8 hours to do this! We know what to do, it's just a matter of doing it!" I said. They nodded, "So Abby, you're in charge of food! El, you got venue! Last thing, I got the guest list. People we are inviting about 80 people! Let's do this!" I shouted. As we split, I called Niall's parents. "Maura! Yes this is Emily! Listen we are preparing a surprise party for Niall tomorrow! I'm sure he'd be blown away if y'all could come! GREAT!" I hung up. Maura would pass the news to Greg and hopefully they could all make it! Abby called me, "Sup?" her voice was full of pep, "Dude! What kinda food?" I thought, "Depending  on what venue El gets depends on if they serve food, like a hotel." I was so flustered wondering if we could pull this off! Finally, Eleanor had booked us a fabulous dining hall that served food to the guests! This was turning out well!

We raced back to the bus as soon as the guys returned. "Hey! Why didn't you answer my calls?" Harry asked Abby. "We girls were busy." Abby replied. Harry didn't ask further. Niall hugged me, "Missed you." he smiled. "I was in agony myself!" I joked. He kissed me and jumped in the shower. "Why don't we go to dinner?" Liam asked. "Sounds wonderful!" El said. We all got dressed, Niall called a limo. Just then as we arrived at the restaurant, my phone buzzed. *From: Maura, We all can make it!* I smiled. My plans were for sure going to work! They had to!

After dinner, we all piled into the limo. Harry and Abby were holding hands and making googly eyes. "Honestly, get a room love birds!" I said to Harry. "Took the words right out of my mouth!" Louis said. We laughed. We got back to the bus and Paul was standing outside. "Sorry fellas, bus broke and you all can't stay in one bus so grab your stuff and the driver will take you to the hotel." he said. My shoulders dropped, "Hey! Don't pout! We get a room all to ourselves!" Niall winked. I smiled, we got our stuff and headed back to the hotel. Everything was so hard in crutches! Geez! Niall helped me into pajamas, "Niall, tomorrow, after the guys get done with rehearsal, around 6, we need to go somewhere special. For your birthday!" I smiled. His eyebrows shot up, "Huh, forgot! Like where?" he asked. I shrugged, "Oh I don't know! Maybe the guys will know!" I said. We got into bed, tired as crap. We kissed goodnight and Niall wrapped his strong arms around me. 

*BANG* I sat up in bed, someone was banging on our door. "COME ON! YOU'RE NOT ON HONEYMOON YET!" came a voice. Louis of course! I looked at the clock, 9 am. Peachy. I shoved Niall, "Wake up!" I said. "HELLO?" Louis yelled. "Pipe down!" I yelled back. I put on some decent clothes and opened the door. "Morning!" Louis smiled as if he wasn't disturbing us. "What meaning have you to yell and bang on our door?" I asked. "Lover boy needs to get his bum up and get himself to rehearsal!" Lou whined. I put my hand up, "Leave me to it!"  I said as I shut the door. I took a crutch and poked Niall with it. "What?" he mumbled. "Nandos is on fire Niall!!" I yelled, he sat right up. Once he realized my trick he laughed, "Very funny!" He said wagging his finger. "Happy Birthday sweetheart!" I said and kissed his lips. He groaned, "If only you didn't have that cast!" He said. I nudged him, "I will make it up to you!" I smiled.

I hugged him bye and crutched over to my phone, "EL? Is everything still good? GREAT!" I smiled. Oh yeah, I am an awesome girlfriend!      

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