Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


44. Over Protective

"Emily! Wonderful to see you again!" Mrs.Fisher said. I hugged her hello. "Good to see you to! Abby upstairs?" She nodded. I patted my pocket to make sure Niall's gift was still there. It was. I proceeded into her bedroom after knocking, "Hey Em." she said, sitting on her bed watching T.V. "Hey Abb, I come bearing gifts." I said. I sat beside her and gave her Niall's gift, she opened it and a pearl necklace lay inside. How beautiful! "Oh my goodness! Niall got this?" she gasped. I nodded, "He did, he always has been good at getting the right gifts!" I said. "I'm going to call him right now!" she said. That reminded me that I needed to call Harry!

*Hey Harry I-*


*Babe, calm down, I landed about 1 hr and 30 mins. ago.*

*Emily, you should have called as soon as you got home. I was worried sick!!* he said flustered.

*Harry, you are over reacting, stop! I'm fine, I'm safe, I love you. Bye.

*But-* I shut my phone, he was making me a little mad. He was turning a bit over protective. That didn't fly with me, a little was fine, but he got SO mad at me. Whatever, I brushed it off. As I laid on Abby's bed waiting for her to return from her phone call, I wondered about my future. She came back, "Niall was so sweet to get this for me. Now, when he returns, we're going to buy a condo and live in that for a little bit. Because we want privacy." she said. I nodded, "I got you. Well, it's getting late. We'll talk tomorrow OK?" I got up and started to leave, "OK." she said. I said goodbye to the Fisher's and drove home. 

My mom brought dinner up to me. "You alright Em?" she asked concerned. I lay in my bed reading magazines, feeling a little depressed. "Just rosy." I replied. She laid the tray of chicken soup and PB & J on my lap. "If you need anything, let me know." I nodded. and she left. I was so exhausted, I was emotionally drained. I felt like no one could help me, I'd officially hit rock bottom. But sometimes, you needed to hit rock bottom to build yourself back up. I finished my soup and it was now 10 pm. I climbed up to the 3rd floor. I felt like I needed Haz, but I had to be here for Abb. So I did the only thing I could. I pulled out my phone.

*Ross, can you come over?*

My brother was my number one support system. He always had words of wisdom to share considering he was 12 years older than I. We climbed out the window onto the roof. "So what's up baby sis?" he asked. I explained my whole situation, he listened carefully without interruption. When I finished, he thought, "Well, here's what I can tell you. Being here for Abby, is probably the MOST important thing because boyfriends will come and go but family is always here and last time I checked, Abby was family. She was there for you a lot, so be there for her." he said. I thought, "You're right. Absolutely." I said. I gave him a hug, we hung out for about an hour more then he said he had to go back home. We said goodbye and I went to my room to call Harry.

*Hey Haz. I just want to say, I love you. A lot.*

He was silent, then I heard him crack, *I love you to Emily.*

~2 Days later~ 9 a.m

I waved bye to my parents, I promised I'd see them at Thanksgiving. I called Haz to let him know I was boarding my flight. I was flying back to Illinois. I was tired because I had gone with Abby to a doctors appointment at 7 a.m. My plan was to sleep the whole way.

Harry ran up to hug me. He swung me around, "Oh I missed you babe!" he said. "I missed you more Harry!" I said. All the guys welcomed me back, "Good to be back with the crew!" I said. Harry went to the bathroom and Lou came to talk to me. "Please don't leave again any time soon." he said. "Why?" I asked. "Because Harry was beside himself worrying about you. Even if you'd just gotten off the phone, he was so worried he couldn't focus on his work." Lou said. "Oh my gracious. Well now that I'm back, he'll be fine. Right?" Louis crossed him arms, "We can only hope." he whispered then moved away. Harry came and took my bags, the boys surrounded me like bodyguards. What the heck? Oh well. Harry loaded my stuff in the limo and we all jumped in. I noticed Carol wasn't with us. "Liam, where's Carol?" I asked. He cleared his throat and looked down, "She, flew home for the weekend. A little overwhelming for her." he said. My bottom lip poked out, "Aw, I was hoping to get to know her. Maybe when she returns." I said. He nodded and focused his attention on his phone.     

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