Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


34. Off to England

It was 7am. Harry and I packed our stuff, and put it into the taxi. We were flying to England to see Harry's mom. I was so excited! We hugged everyone goodbye and wished them safe travel. Then we were on our way.

Harry was really excited to go home and see his family. I was excited to meet them! We got on the plane, one thing I hadn't gotten used to yet was the constant traveling from dating pop stars! Harry put in his music and fell asleep. He looked so innocent, I giggled to myself.

1 more hour to go. Harry was STILL sleeping! I looked out my window, I saw small lights from the cities below. Other than that, it was pitch black. I hadn't slept the whole 11 hour flight. I was way too nervous. Harry awoke, he looked at me with sleepy eyes. "Hello love. Sleep at all?" he asked. I shook my head, "Em, you must sleep. Sleep the last hour." he put a blanket on me and kissed my forehead. Too bad it was only 1 hour of sleep.

We got off the plane, grabbed our bags and headed to the lobby. "Harry, I'm nervous!" I said. He chuckled, "Don't be." We saw Anne and Gemma. Anne raced over to us and hugged Harry. "Hi mum!" Harry said, gasping for breath. Gemma gave Harry a hug also then all eyes were on me. "You must be Abby!" Anne said. I blushed, "Um, no mum this is Emily actually." Harry said. "OH! Dear so sorry! Let's get you two home shall we? We'll talk then!" she said taking our bags. Harry hadn't told his mom?

We walked into a great big house,cobblestone steps led into the grand hallway with an elegant staircase on your left. It had white walls and baby pictures of Harry and Gemma. "Em, you want a drink or anything?" Harry asked. "No thanks." I said. We sat on the couch in the living room, "Your house is lovely!" I said. Anne blushed, "Thank you!", Gemma had been very quiet, she hadn't even said hello. Suddenly she walked into the kitchen. Anne and I made small talk and then Gemma stormed through the room and left. Anne had a look of concern but she wasn't going to ask Harry now. Harry came and sat drinking tea. "So mum, you see what had happened was-" and Harry explained to his mother our relationship and Abby. "Everything's fine now. We all are happy." I said. She looked confused, ah well. My statement was true.

Harry and I walked into our room. The walls were blue with a King sized bed with black sheets. "Harry? Why was Gemma upset?" I asked. He sighed heavily. "She was just mad because she thinks I'm using girls and that I broke Abby's heart and that I'll do the same to you." He said. I kissed his lips, "But you wouldn't." I said. "It's hard to explain to her." Harry said. I hugged him and undid his belt. I pulled him over to the bed and threw him on top of it. I put myself on top of him and removed his shirt. "This is going to be a fun Holiday!" I laughed.

The next morning I brewed some coffee. Harry was still sleeping. Anne was aswell, so I figured I'd make them both breakfast. I whipped up some pancake batter and did what I do best. Made pancakes! Anne came in, nose high. "What are you making love?" she asked. "Pancakes." I smiled. "How sweet of you! Chocolate chip? My favorite!" she said. I blushed, I heard Harry walking downstairs, "Good morning mum! Morning Emily!" he smiled his cheeky smile. He rubbed his hands together, "Yum!" he smiled. "You didn't tell me Emily was such a good cook!" Anne said. Harry shrugged, "Slipped my mind I guess!" he laughed. I put 2 plates of pancakes and bacon in front of them. I poured myself some coffee and sat back to absorb praise. "Emily! This are brilliant!" Anne said. "You should see me cook a real meal. My famous dish is jambalaya." I smiled. "What's that?" Harry asked. "It's a southern thing, I'll have to make it for you some time!" I winked.

After breakfast, Anne had to go to work so Harry & I went for a stroll in the park. We saw kids playing and laughing. "I want that." I said. Harry followed my gaze. "How many?" he asked. "5 maybe. 6 tops." I smiled. He laughed, "You're crazy!" he said. "Why don't we have 10 kids then?" he said. "I like that." I said. "What 10 kids?" Harry asked. "No, the 'we'." I smiled. He took my hand and we walked down the streets. His dimples showing from smiling. 

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