Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


29. Nye's B-Day Bumer

At 3 o'clock Niall walked in from rehearsal. "Hey babe!" he smiled. "Hello birthday boy!" I smiled as I pecked his cheek. "So, I was thinking, if you want, we can go get you a snazzy new suit for your birthday dinner tonight!" I smiled. "Sounds great! I'm going to shower real quick then we can go." I clapped my hands. "Wonderful!

We went to a local mall and I bought a sexy silver dress with gold heels. Niall bought a handsome navy blue suit. Trying to get around the mall with crutches was like getting my dog to take a bath, impossible. But we managed to make it back to the car on one piece. "So, can you tell me anything about this dinner?" he asked. "It serves great food! That's all you need to know!" I smiled. He laughed and we zoomed off.

An hour later, Maura called me. I slipped off to the terrace to talk. 


"Emily? Maura! Just wanted to call and say we landed and are at our hotel getting ready!"

"Great! I'll call a limo to pick you up at 6!"

We hung up and the gang came banging at our door. Niall opened the door and the boys were all over him. "Guys! Restrain yourself!" Louis said calmly. Then dramatically hugged Niall and pretended to sob, "MY BOY! YOU'VE GROWN TOO FAST!" he whaled. We all laughed and headed to the limo. Nye opened the door for me, Abby and Harry looked so cute together! So did El & Lou! I only wished Perrie was here and Liam had a girlfriend. "Perrie says Happy Birthday!" Zayn said. Niall blushed. The driver took off and we soon arrived at the grand dining hall. "This isn't a restaurant " Niall observed. "Oh! This is where your cake is! We had to pick it up." I said glumly. He shrugged and I couldn't tell if he was catching on. We walked in and everyone yelled, "SURPRISE!" Niall jumped. "Wow!" he said. Everyone was clapping, he was looking somewhere to recognize the person responsible! He saw my face and hugged me, "Babe? You did this?" he asked. "I did!" I smiled. "There is someone I'd like you to see!" I said. I couldn't grab his hand with my crutches so he followed me to Maura & the rest of the family. "Mum!" he yelled. He embraced her warmly, "Hello darling!" she smiled. "You got my parents to come?" Niall said shocked. "She did!" Greg chimed in. I let them be to catch up and what not. I crutched over to Abby, "Hey! Nice turn out huh?" I smiled. She nodded, "Thanks for your help Abb!" I said. "What are friends for?" she winked. I hugged her, "So where's Hazza?" I asked. She shrugged, "I honestly have no clue, he said he was going to get punch." she said. Her face looked worried, "Don't worry. Come on!" I said and we went to the dance floor. I just waddled around. I couldn't wait to get a boot for my ankle! 

I was talking with El and thanking her when Maura came up to me. "Hello again! What's say we go outside?" she said. "OK." I smiled. As we walked into the cold September air, I felt tension. "Listen, you're a fabulous girl! Really you are! But Niall needs to focus on his career. A girl, well to much of a distraction." My eyebrows shot up, "So what are you suggesting?" I said infuriated, "Go home, rest some. Come back later!" she said. My heart sank, maybe I did need to give Niall some space. Tears started to form, "OK, whatever." I sniffled. She rubbed my back, "Darling it's ok. Just stay home for a long while. Then join him again." she advised. I was so mad. But maybe I did need to patch some things up with my family anyway. I crutched inside and found Abby. "Aye, I'm going home. Tomorrow. So yeah." I said. Her face drew a look of horror. "Emily! No! Why?" she asked. "I just need to go. I'll be back." I said. "I'm coming with you!" she said. I shook my head, "Naw, you got Harry. Just don't tell anyone." I said. She began to get teary eyed. Part of me wished she would come, but no. I crutched over to Niall. "Having fun?" I asked. "YES! Thank you so much babe! I love you!" he said as he kissed my lips. "I love you to, more than anything!" I said. I got in the limo and headed to my hotel. I had to pack.

I crutched over to my gate. "EMILY! STOP!" I heard. I turned to see Abby running towards me, now in shorts and a tee. "I'm coming with. I already told Harry and we are leaving. Together." she said. There was no stopping Abb, so we left at 11pm down to the South.

We arrived at home, everyone asleep. My dog Cooper wagged his tail at my arrival. Abby helped me get all my stuff up to my room. I checked my phone, nothing from Niall. Awesome, we crashed on my bed. I awoke to Coop licking my face. "Goodmorning to you to boy!" I laughed. Abby was passed out beside me. I got my crutches and slowly made it downstairs. My Pop was sitting reading the newspaper. "Aye ol'man!" I laughed. He gasped as he laid eyes on me. "Emily! What in the world you doing here?" he said. "Figured I'd come by and stay for awhile!" I smiled. He hugged me tight. "Where's Ma?" I asked. He shrugged. "How'd you get in?" he asked. "Come on dad! Key in the plant! I know y'all! Abby came with me to." I said. He chuckled, "Alright, well I guess your mom went into the garden." he said. I grabbed a bagel and some cream cheese and made my way upstairs. "Abby! Wake up!" I said as I poked her with my crutch. She sat up, hair tangled in a bunch. "Here, have a bagel." I said handing it to her. "Thank you so much! I'm starving!" she said. 

~Niall's POV~

I got up, where was I? I saw I was in my hotel room. I looked about, no Em. What? I got up and looked around. Her bags gone. Cell gone. Where did she go? I put some fresh clothes on and ran to Harry's room. I banged on the door. Red eyed Harry came, "Niall what are you doing?" he asked rubbing his eyes. "Where's Emily?" I said. "Georgia." he said. "So is Abby." I began to shake, Harry grabbed me and brought me inside his room. "Why?" I stuttered. Harry shrugged, "No idea. Abby wouldn't tell me." I began to sob. "Call her mate." Harry advised.


"Emily!! Why, why did you fly home? WITHOUT TELLING ME?" I yelled.

"I um, just, well, I had to come home for a bit. You did no wrong." she said in a soft voice.

"I'm coming to Georgia!"

"NO NIALL! Please, just understand. I have to. I'll call you in a bit... I love you."

She hung up and I threw my phone against the wall. "Settle down!" Harry exclaimed. I began to sob, "Mate, you didn't do anything, you heard her. Just calm yourself." Harry tried to comfort me. The only thing to calm me was Emily. She wasn't there.


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