Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


27. Not Leaving

~2 days later~

I walked out of the hospital smelling the cold air. I hated hospitals! "Emily! Your coat!" Niall said. He helped me put it on, "This is a beautiful day! Isn't it?" I asked Niall. "It is." he replied. "Glad your feeling better!" Lou said. I smiled warmly at him. I had called my mother and refused to leave and come home. I would see them in 2 months, Niall and I would be coming home for Christmas. We'd go see his parents in January. He took my hand and led me into the bus. It was so warm and cozy in the bus. "You good?" Niall asked. "I'm great!" I said. For some reason, I was so happy!

~1 week later~

"Sweetheart, come on! Let's go!" Niall said. I bandaged my wrists and ran to him. I kissed his lips for a good 10 secs. "Get a room!" Lou said. We laughed, we had to go to an interview. One of the Morning Shows was in NY so we had flown to NY, NY and were driving to the show. "You ready? They're going to ask some tough questions!" Niall warned. I held his hand. "Bring it!"

We walked into the room and sat on the interviewing couch. Niall beside me. "Hello! I'm Miranda Fox! Here with me is the pop sensational boy band, ONE DIRECTION!" A tall brunette said. The audience clapped, "So let's start with Niall & Emily. Rumors have spread your engaged! Is that true?" she asked. Niall and I smiled, "It is!" Niall grabbed my hand to show everyone. "Wow! That's beautiful! Any wedding plans yet?" Miranda asked. "Not yet, Niall has a career that we have to take care of, then we'll think about it." I answered. "I also heard Emily that you are pregnant." Miranda said. "I was, but unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage." I said. I felt a little uncomfortable. Harry, Zayn, and Liam didn't know that I had been pregnant back in England. "I'm sorry to hear that." Miranda said. The interview lasted for about an hour longer. We left and headed back to the buses. It was really late, 10 o'clock. Harry and Abby held hands and went to their bunk. "Getting some action?" I mouthed Abby. She blushed. I laughed, I was hungry. "See you in bed sweetheart?" I asked Niall. He nodded and kissed my cheek. I got a piece of toast and spread some nutella on it. Perrie walked up to me, "Yum!" She said. I laughed, "So, this is as far as I can go. I'm leaving tomorrow to go back to England. Just wanted to tell you it's been fun!" She said as she hugged me. "It's been real fun getting to know you." I said. It was the truth. I walked back to my bunk and Niall was sitting waiting for me. "You alright?" I asked. "Yeah, I just want some action!" he smiled. Well you must please your guy.

~Niall's POV~

I woke up and Emily was still sleeping. Her head on my chest. Her long red hair overflowed and she was just so beautiful sleeping. I sat there for a bit, not wanting to wake her if I moved. Finally her bright blue eyes showed themselves. "Morning lovely." I said. She smiled, "Morning!" She kissed my lips. I put her on my back and we walked into the kitchen. Harry and Abby were already up, "Hello!" I said. "Hi!" they said in union. They blushed realizing what they had done. Emily sat by Abby and Harry and I sat together. "Look guys, next time, be a little quieter!" Emily teased. Abby blushed big, Harry laughed, "Very funny!" he said. Liam and Zayn walked in, "Hey mates! What are we doing today?" Zayn asked. Just then a loud bang sound came from our bus door. "GOOD MORNING! GOOD MORNING! HELLO THE SUN IS SHINING!" Louis bursted out in song. Everyone rolled around laughing. "I was about to ask where you were!" Harry said. "Oh boo! Did you miss me sweety?" Louis joked. Their bromance was so hilarious. "No seriously! What are our plans today? We have a day off!" Liam exclaimed. "How about we drive about 30 mins to the fair?" Eleanor suggested. "YES!" everyone shouted.

The fair was buzzing with excitement! It was like all of New York was there! I took Emily's hand, "Let's go there first!" she said pointing to a rollercoaster. "Yes!" I said. We ran like kids to get in line. Louis and Eleanor had the same idea. She held onto me, "I'm a little scared." she told me. "I got you babe." I said putting my arm around her. "I love you!" she told me, my response was a kiss on her lips. This girl was mine, all mine. I gazed at her ring, "You did good Niall!" I thought to myself. We got on, Emily's face was very pale. "Sweetheart you're fine! No big deal!" I said. She clinged to the bar across her. We took off at lightning speed. Emily hadn't let go! I laughed, "WOOOOOOO!" I screamed with my hands high. I grabbed Emily's hand and tore it from the bar, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!" she screamed. It was a scream I'd never heard before. Like bloody murder! I laughed looking at her face. When we got off she smacked my arms, "Niall! Don't do that to me!" she yelled. I laughed and she had a slight smile. I hugged her tight, "I'm sorry babe! You should have seen your face!" I laughed, she laughed along. We went for the swings, they strapped us in. I had a bad feeling about this. They lifted us up and we started swinging around. I looked at Emily, she was smiling. Everything seemed ok. I noticed the chains holding her swing were terribly rusted. Oh no! What if they- *CRACK* I heard Emily's bloody murder scream. She fell about 40 ft to the ground. I sat in my swing, crying from looking at her motionless body.

We arrived at the hospital. The doctor came to me, "You here for Ms.Doe?" He asked. I nodded, "Lucky you are sir! She was just knocked out and only suffered a broken ankle. I began to cry tears of relief. "May we see her?" Abby asked. The doc nodded. Emily was sitting up, fully alert. "Hey Nye, hey Abby!" she smiled. The nurse was putting a blue cast on her leg. She winced. "You feel ok?" I asked. Obviously she didn't feel ok, but my sweet selfless Em nodded. The doc gave her some crutches. Paul knew I wouldn't be doing anything except care for Emily, so he postponed all New York shows and rented us (Everyone) a house far away from the city. 


~Emily POV~

DAMN! My leg was throbbing. I went to my room to change into my nighty.  Niall helped me up the stairs. "Niall, can you help me with my pants?" I asked. "Sure." he said and he helped me take off my pants. "I may need help with my shirt to." I smiled. He winked and took off my shirt. I put on a nightgown and Niall changed into some pajama pants. We cuddled in our bed. "Kiss me." Niall said staring into my eyes. We kissed deeply, tongues in mouths. His hands moved onto my waist. He went further up, he went into my nightgown. He turned off the lamp. We made out and stuff but nothing more. Unfortunately my ankle prevented us from doing anything.   


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