Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


46. Leaving them Behind

~That Night~

The boys all went to bed, I however wasn't tired. As soon as Harry was asleep I slowly climbed out and tip-toed onto the roof. I had so many questions about Harry and I. I gazed at the stars, how beautiful. "I wish the stars were this bright in London." came a voice. I spun around, "You scared me Lou!" I said. I waved for him to join me, "How are you?" he asked. "Fine." I lied. He could see right through me, "When you ran through the woods to your tree house, what were you thinking about up there?" he asked. "Well, I was thinking about Cooper, and how screwed up my life is." I said. He chuckled, "Everyone has problems." he said. I shrugged, "I know, but seems like I can never fix mine!" I said. Louis patted my back, "Your a lot like me." he said. "Very confused, and not sure what to do. I hold in my feelings just like you. I understand love." he said. I felt relief, I hugged Louis tight. "I love you Louis! Your the best friend everyone wants." he blushed. He helped me climb into the window by grabbing my hips and pulling me in, he leaned in for a kiss on the lips and I was about to kiss him but then I put a finger on his lips. "Sorry Lou. It's not fair to Harry or Eleanor. We're just friends." I said. I kissed him on the cheek and walked back into my room. Harry's position had changed, his breathing wasn't deep. I crossed my arms, "Haz. You're not sleeping." I said.He still played possum, "Penis." I said, he busted out laughing. "Got me." he said. I sat by him, "Where you, ease dropping?" I asked. He blushed and mumbled something. "Pardon?" he coughed, "Maybe." I sighed, "I'm not even going to lecture you because you know better." I said and pulled the blanket over me. He wrapped his arms around me, I let him.

I suddenly felt cold. I sat up and began to violently cough, I heard laughing. When I looked around, the boys had poured ice cold water onto me & Harry. "Alright, so that's how it is?" I said. I jumped up, and ran to the gutting shed in the yard. We call it a 'gutting shed' for a reason. It was freezing cold out! I unlocked the door and went looking for the in sides of our animal game. I found some nice, fresh squirrel livers and lungs. I stuffed my arms full and ran inside. "EMILY FRANCES-" my mom yelled, but I didn't care about getting blood on the floor or whatever , I just cared about having the last laugh. As I creeped inside the room with the boys backs to me, I quickly stuffed the squirrel lungs & livers inside their shirts. "EW! WHAT IS THAT?" Liam yelled. I laughed, "My bite is always bigger!" I said. As they got the intestines out of their shirts, they gave naughty smiles as they looked at me. "Oh shit." I said and turned to run to the 3rd floor and locked the door behind me. "You'll have to come out sometime love. And we'll be waiting." Zayn said. It must have been 30 mins before I got out, "TRUCE!" I yelled. No boys, I slowly made my way down the staircase. I looked about, where were they hiding? I decided I needed to shower & change my clothes so I went into my room. No one but me, so I began to quickly strip, "EMILY!" Harry yelled as I spun bare chested not to only see Harry, but everyone else. They all blushed and ran out. I blushed, "Harry!" I yelled, "We were waiting for you to come in and we were going to hit you the squirrel stuff." he said giving an innocent smile. "Oh Haz. I forgive you, I think the boys actually enjoyed my mistake." I said joking. Harry's eyebrows narrowed, "Hey! Your naked body is for my eyes only!" he said. I laughed, "Well, how about we shower then?" I asked. He nodded, the boy never rejected anything sexual. I unbuttoned his shirt & belt, he took off my shorts, he picked me up and carried me into the shower.

We rode over to the hospital to see Abby & Niall. Abby was still sleeping but Niall was with Fin. "Hey mate. Sleep well?" Liam asked. "Yeah, necks a little sore." We gazed at the tiny infant, "We take him home tomorrow. Or least Abb does." he said. wiping a tear. I gave Niall a hug, they were leaving tonight to continue their tour. Niall was bummed about leaving Abby. "Management said we can't stay any longer." Harry said. Niall nodded, "Well, I'm going to wake Abb up and wish her goodbye." 


Guys, I'm having serious writers block.... >----< So go easy on me, I know it's not much, I honestly think this chapter sucks, but I PROMISE, it will get better, just need some time to get my ideas together! xoxoxo -E  

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