Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


31. Late Night Chat


I wrapped Abby in my arms. She was shivering, "Need my jacket love?" I asked. "Now what good would that do you?" she said. I hugged her closer, I looked at Emily & Niall. They were deeply in love, and engaged! I wanted that for Abby and I. Just maybe not yet. She rested her head on my shoulder.

We walked into our hotel room, snow everywhere. "We should do that again!" Abby said. I nodded, "So what are the plans for Thanksgiving?" I asked. She shrugged, "I think   you need too come home with me, meet my family. Then we can go to your mother's if you want." she said. She always made sure that that's what I wanted to do to. "Sounds lovely." I said. She smiled, "Wonderful!". We showered off and I made us some coco. When I handed Abby her cup she giggled. "What?" I asked. "I love the way you say coco!" She blushed. "I'll say it all you want." I winked. She laughed. We got under a cozy blanket, I turned on the T.V.  "Can we watch like a Christmas movie?" she asked. "Yeah why?" I asked. "It just feels like Christmas. Snow, coco, warm blankets, family. You know?" she said. I nodded, "Yes, you're right!" We watched the Grinch. Abby's favorite Christmas movie. By now, it was 8pm. Abby was asleep, I carried her to bed. I kissed her forehead. "Night lovely." I whispered. I wasn't really tired. So I grabbed my coat and headed downstairs.

I sat on the bench outside. Perfect thinking time. The street was really beautiful. Snow was everywhere, lights showed the roads. "Hey man." I heard. I whirled around and saw Emily. She came and sat beside me, "So what brings you out here?" she asked. "I could ask you the same." I replied. She nudged me, "Just enjoying thinking time." I said. "How about, we think over some coffee down the street?" she asked. I nodded. Emily and I had a close relationship. When Niall first introduced her to the group, I wasn't sure about her. Then I realized she was one of the guys. We grew close, closer than Niall may have liked.

 "Let me!" Emily said handing the woman her cash, "Em, no!" I said. She pushed me slightly and gave the lady her cash. "Emily! It was fine! I could have paid." I said. She shook her head, "Accept that I paid. It's cool!" she said waving it off. We grabbed a table beside the window, "Seems like somethings on your mind." Emily said. "No, just, I don't know. I just feel confused, what about you?" I said. She shrugged, "Well, when I was little, I would sneak out of the house on cold nights and just go sit outside and absorb the clean cold air." she said. Her cheeks were really rosy. I smiled, "So, you like the cold?" I asked. She nodded, "VERY MUCH!" she smiled. There was something about Emily. I don't know, she had Niall I had Abby, leave it that way! I shivered, I sipped my coffee. "Lets play a game!" Emily said as her eyes lite up. "Ok." I smiled. She got up and bought a box of chocolates. "You're making me feel bad!" I said. "Please Harry! Now, I'm going to put this chocolate in your mouth and you tell me what kind it is." She explained. I nodded, "Close your eyes and open your mouth." She instructed. I did so and she popped one in. I chewed and thought, her beautiful blue eyes staring at me. HARRY STOP! Get a grip man! "Caramel filled?" I guessed. She nodded, "Yes good!". We spent another hour playing the game. Full of laughter, it felt like we were old mates. I checked my watch, 10 pm. "We'd better go back." I said. She nodded, "Yes!" I helped her with her coat. We started walking out the coffee shop. Snow was falling, she grabbed my arm and pulled close. It felt good. It felt right, but STOP! She wouldn't just throw all she had gone through  with Niall to be with me! She wouldn't! Would she? 

I walked her to her hotel room, she hugged me bye. "We should do that more often." she smiled. I nodded, "Yes." I kissed her hand and walked off to my room. I had more thinking to do! 

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