Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


12. I'm Sorry

We finished watching Nemo and then Niall cleared his throat, "Emily, I think I owe you an apology. I admit I was over reacting and I should have let you explain." he said. I looked into his blue eyes, "Thank you Niall, I appreciate that." I smiled. He kissed my lips and his phone rang. "Hello?... Alright....We'll be there!...Bye!" he turned to me. "That was Zayn, he said we need to come to the hospital."

I called Abby and Harry, they were on their date, Abby and Harry would meet us there. When we got there, Liam was in tears. I looked at Louis, "What's wrong?" He took Niall and I to the side. "Danielle had a stroke due to the blood clot caused by the swelling. The doctor's gave her some blood thinner. But there is good news! Doctors made a break through and long story short she will be out in 6 days to be exact!" he smiled. Niall blew out a huge breath of relief. "Lou, I've been meaning to tell you, the management called. If Liam doesn't get back up on his feet by tour next week, then they will cancel on us!" Niall smiled. "But he will be better knowing Danielle will be taken care of by her family at home." Lou's face was pale. "When were you going to tell us??" Niall shrugged. I walked to Liam, "I wanted to say sorry for my attitude and I shouldn't have acted that way. I'm so sorry!"  Liam shook his head. "Don't be, I over reacted big time, I'm the one who should be saying sorry." We hugged it out. To me, all the guys were like my big brothers! So it really made me happy talking it out with Liam.

Harry and Abby arrived, "What's up?" Harry asked. Niall explained to them and you could see the relief in them when Niall gave the good news. I noticed something though, ABBY & HARRY WERE HOLDING HANDS! I blushed with excitement! I looked at Harry using my facial expressions to say, 'YOUR HOLDING HANDS!' . Abby had had her share of heart breaks and was known for always having boy friends, by the time we were done with 7th grade, she had had 6 boyfriends. Maybe 7! Anyway, I knew I could trust Harry with her because to me, she was my little sister.

When we got back to the hotel, at the front door leading into the lobby, someone familiar was waiting. Holy crap. Jack!! "Niall, wait for me in the lobby will you?" I asked. He followed my gaze. "Ok." he said with a peck on the cheek. I walked over to him. "Jack?" I asked. He turned, "Hello." he blushed. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Because, I KNOW there is something between us regardless of what you claim!" I shook me head. "Jack I told you, I'm with Niall and very happy. I'm sorry you wasted your time flying out here. But to be honest, you brought this upon yourself, I told you how I felt and-" he pulled my face to his. He was so strong and I couldn't break free. I slapped him! "What the heck man?" I yelled! He held his hand to his cheek. "Please, just go." I said. I walked back into the lobby where Niall was waiting.

We got into the room, "Well? Is he going to leave?" Niall asked. "If a slap on the face won't get him to leave, I don't know what will!" I said. His eye brows went up. "More like a punch in the face!" he laughed. "I appreciate you taking this so well." I said. He brought me in to a tight hug and kissed me. He let me go to take a shower, I looked in the mirror. I was very plain looking, red hair, blue eyes, freckles, tallish. Why did Niall choose me? There were plenty of pretty fans gawking over him. Is that why he was attracted to me? Because I didn't gawk over him? Oh well, he was mine, that's all I knew.          

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