Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


30. Good to be Back

~Emily's POV~

I closed my phone and sobbed. Abby came to my side, "Em, you're doing the right thing. Nye just doesn't see." she said. "I can't tell him his mother influenced me flying home." I sobbed, "He'll be mad." I cried into Abby's shoulder. "Shh, you're fine." Abby said patting my back. I gathered myself and we walked downstairs, my mother was baking a cake. "Hello mom!" I greeted. She turned, "Ah my sweet darling!" She said as she hugged me. "Wonderful to see you Abby!" she said hugging Abby. "Hello Mrs.Doe!" Abby said. "I called your brothers to come see you! I'm baking this cake to celebrate your unexpected visit!" she smiled. "Thanks mom!" I blushed. We made our way up to the third floor, where the big flat screen T.V was. "Abby, I honestly am so thankful for you! Really I am!" I smiled. She hugged me, "I'm thankful for you!" she said into my ear. We turned on the T.V.  I didn't know how long I would be staying at my parents but, I hoped not for long.


Niall called me. He was crying. 

"Emily. Please. Come back!" he pleaded. I really wanted to, I wasn't avoiding him and I didn't want him to think so. I loved him. 

"Niall, I need to come clean. At your party, your mother insisted I fly home, away from you. She said I needed to give you space to focus on your career that I was a distraction.

He didn't say anything. "Nye?"

"Don't ever listen to my mother again. She is SO wrong. I love you Emily. I would never want you to leave me." He said still crying. I began crying with him, "I'm sorry." I sobbed. We said our goodbyes. I ran downstairs, (Now with a boot for my ankle). I grabbed Abby from her dinner and pulled her into the living room. "Abby, can we fly back tomorrow?" I asked. she looked at my tear stained face. "Yes!" she smiled. I clapped my hands. We hugged realizing we needed our men. I walked over to my parents, "Mom, Dad. Thank you for everything! I will be sure to see you more often. I'm sorry for not stopping by hardly. Tomorrow Abby and I are flying to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where the boys are." I said. "Thank y'all for everything!" Abby said. They nodded, and my mom hugged me, "Be safe." she said.

Early the next morning, about 5am, Abby and I caught a taxi to the airport. We knuckle bumped, "I can't wait to see Niall!" I smiled. Abby nodded, "I can't wait to see Harry!" I laughed. 5 days away from them was too long, way too long! As we arrived in Harrisburg my stomach filled with butterflies. Oh my goodness!


"After all she did for you!" I yelled over the phone at mum. I was so mad! I hung up. The boys and I were waiting at the airport for Emily & Abby. I was so puzzled over the last couple days. I was worried Emily had stopped loving me, but after she told me the reason, it all made sense. My arms folded across my chest. I was searching for her. I stood and waited. Suddenly, I saw long red locks of hair and a beautiful smile. I jogged over to Emily and wrapped her in my arms and began to sob. "Don't ever leave me again. Please." I said. She hugged me tight, "So sorry babe. So sorry." We broke down crying. Just cried our eyes out. I guess you could say our love was it's strongest at that moment. We let go, my arm still around her. I saw Abby & Harry tear struck to. All the boys were staring at us. "What? You never seen a man cry for his lady?" I said. They all blushed. Lou came up and hugged Emily, "Niall missed his boo bear." He said. I blushed and shrugged, of course I did! We got into the limo and drove  to the hotel. Emily and I got to our room, "I never asked, how did you like your birthday?" she said. "Best ever!" I said. She was holding something behind her back, "Well, this is for you." she said as she handed me a long box wrapped perfectly in blue paper. "Honestly? You didn't have to!" I said. She shrugged, "I wanted to." she replied. I tore away the paper and opened the box. Inside was a shirt, it was green and said on the back, Keep calm, and be Irish! I laughed, "This is awesome! I love it!" I smiled. She hugged me, "But you do owe me one thing." I said. She cocked her head, "What?" she asked. "Birthday action!" I winked. She pointed to her boot. I came  up to her and held her close, "You're going to have to make an exception!" I winked.

~The Next Day~
We went to meet the guys for Hot Chocolate in the lobby. Snow sprinkled the ground. "I think we should cheers to a great tour so far!" Liam said holding his mug up. "Cheers!" said the boys. "There's gonna be 4 inches of snow on the ground by 3." Zayn said. The boys all looked at each other. "SNOW SLEDDING!" they all yelled. Harry coughed, "That is, if that's what the lady's want to do." he said looking at Emily, Abby & Eleanor. "I'm up for it!" Abby said. El nodded her head, "Let's see who's can race down a hill fastest." Emily said challenging the boys. "Accepted!" Lou said. By 3pm, we had all our gear and we had to top of trash cans to sled on. "This is going to rock!" Emily said excited. We all piled into a white van and took off to a steep hill about 4 miles away. Everyone in town seemed to be there! Emily grabbed my hand, she got a little scared in big crowds. "This is going to be AWESOME!" Liam said. 


We gathered at the top of the hill. Niall and Zayn were about to race down it. "GO!" Louis yelled. It was a cold blast out there! "Abby! Let's race to the bottom!" I said. "OK!" She said. We took our spots. There was a pile of snow to stop us at the bottom. "GO!" Harry yelled. We took off! I was getting more speed but I missed the pile of snow. Abby hit it, but now I was screwed. I was heading for the road full of cars. "Shit." I muttered. By some miracle, I missed all the cars! I made it to the other side of the road and stopped. I rolled off the top of the can. "Holy crap." I said. "EMILY!" I heard screaming. I stood up, Niall was running to me, "Are you ok??" he asked out of breath and panicked. I nodded, "CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN?" I yelled. WOO! I felt a rush of energy racing through me. "I'd say you got a dare devil on your hands." Lou told Niall.

We stayed for 2 more hours. Full of snowball fights and more sledding. The boys thought I was crazy! I had escaped death! For like a  3rd time! I only laughed at them, "You guys are so funny!" I said. We got into the van after pictures and autographs. "Did you have fun?" Niall asked me. I nodded, "The most fun I'd had in awhile!" I replied. He hugged me tight, "Love you." he said and he kissed my lips.         


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