Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


18. Getting Ready

When I sat up in my bed, I was surrounded by rose pedals. A note was beside me, it read, "Em, gone to rehearsal! Love you! -Nye" I smiled, I couldn't wait to see the world with Niall. My phone buzzed. It was Eleanor, "Lunch? :)" I got dressed and put on my favorite perfume. "Yes! Pick me up?" She came 10 mins later. We went to eat a sub. "Are you excited?" I asked. "Yes! Like SO excited! Lou and the boys are super excited!" she said. I nodded, "It's going to be great! I hope my presence doesn't distract Nye, I was worried about that. But he said it would be more of a distraction without me being here." I blushed. "That is so sweet!" El said. "Let's go shopping for you some new clothes! It's colder here than home." she said.

We got me some new jeans, long sleeves, and jackets. "Thank you Eleanor! You should be like a fashion adviser!" I said. She shrugged and blushed. I got a text from Niall saying they'd meet us at the studio. When we got there the boys were all excited about the new album and tour. Even Liam was lightening up! I smiled at everyone's happiness. Nye put his arm around my shoulder, "Thank you for the roses!" I said and pecked him on the cheek. "Now, we should probably go get Abb." I said.

"ABBY!!!" I screamed. I ran into her arms, it felt good to have a piece of home with me so far away. "Was your flight good?" I asked. "Probably as good as a flight can be!" she said. We hugged again and Niall and I took her bags and put them into the trunk of the limo. Press was all over the airport. The lights left halos when I blinked. We jumped in the limo and road to Harry's house where Abby would be staying. I don't understand how they could have gotten so far so fast. Oh well, I was happy for their new found love. "Y'all should watch a movie with us!" Abby suggested as we walked into Harry's house. I looked at Nye, he shrugged. "Sure!" I said. Then we heard pounding coming down the stairs and Harry came running around the corner. "Hello love!" he said with that big cheeky smile of his. He hugged Abby and swung her around in his arms, she laughed and it was the first time I had seen her so happy. "I invited them to watch a movie with us!" Abby told Harry. "Sounds good!" Harry said. "Why doesn't Niall help Abby get her bags in her room and Harry and I will go choose a movie out of the closet?" Everyone nodded. We went upstairs and I had gotten Harry alone to talk to him. "So, I just wanted to tell you that, Abby, you know is.." I began to get choked up. "Shes my little sister. She is the sweetest person ever and I want you to protect her as you would Gemma. I don't want Abby calling me in tears. Don't get me wrong, Harry you are the most perfect guy for Abby but I'm just letting you know how much her happiness means to me." He looked me in eyes, his green eyes were unusually dim. "I would never hurt her. Ever. I promise I will protect her and be faithful." he said. I gave him a tight squeeze and wiped the small tears from my eyes. I had never noticed how emotional the subject of Abby was for me, but everything I told Harry was true.

After the movie, Niall and I went home. "So, what did you tell Harry?" he asked. "I just told him I don't want Abby to ever call me in tears because of something he did. I explained how important she is." I said looking out the window even though it was nothing but black. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Em, Harry would never. I would never either." he whispered. He rubbed my back. "I love you Niall!" I said. I put my head on his shoulder and inhaled his lovely cologne. It smelled SO GOOD! When we got home, Lou and Eleanor weren't home yet, so Nye and I went to bed. As I laid in bed, Niall already asleep, I quietly said a prayer. I prayed for Danielle, and for Liam to gain some happiness. I prayed that all the guys relationships would stay strong over tour. I prayed for many things. I hoped some would be answered.     

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