Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


20. Friendly Support

~2 days later~

I took a limo to Harry's house to see Abby. I was going to break it to her. She opened the door and hugged me. "AH! Emily!" she said. She squeezed me tight. The boys were all at rehearsal, we sat in the living room. Brown walls and a huge couch. "So whats up?" she asked. "Niall are going to become parents." I said calmly. Her expression didn't change. She put her finger in her ear and wiggled it. "I'm sorry, WHAT?" she said. I laughed, "I'm pregnant!" I said. "Em! Was this planned? When are you due? How far along?" I took a big breath, "No, late June, 9 weeks." I said. She had an odd expression on her face. "Em.... what are you going to do?" she said, face pale. "We are going to do our best to be good parents." I said. "You don't seem very phased." she said. I shook my head. "Trust me, I am! We spent an hour crying and I just wish God could take this child back!" I said. Tears fell. Abby put her hand on my shoulder and said, "You always have me!" she said hugging me. I smiled, "You can be Aunt Abby!" I joked. "Oh my gosh yes!" she smiled back. "Niall knows?" she asked. I nodded. "Word of advice for Harry and you, be careful!!" I said. We laughed, "He's as scared as me. He wants to be a good dad." I said. "That's sweet! At least he's not one of those loser teenage dad's who leave." Abb said. I nodded. 

I went back home and made some toast and started to watch a movie. If it was a boy, I'd name him Brody, a girl, I'd name her after Niall's mom, with my mom's name as her middle name. But Niall and I would talk about it. I was so scared, like a Chucky movie scary. But I didn't want Niall to worry to much. Just then laughter pounded through the house walls. Louis and Niall came in. "Hey Emily!" Louis said, he playfully came over and sat on my lap. "The couch is a little lumpy!" he said. "Lou, don't get me throwing up!" I said, he stood right away. Niall laughed. "So listen, we're going to grab some dinner, what to join?" Lou asked. "Sure!" I said. I looked at Niall and he agreed. 

We went to a Spanish restraunt. I just got chicken nuggets with water. I was so tired! "We should go to the new dance club!" Zayn suggested after dinner. "I think I'll go home." I said. I looked at Niall. "Go on, have fun." I smiled. He shook his head. "See you later lads!" Niall waved as he took my arm. "Nye you can go have some fun! I'll be fine!" I said. "No, you need me now more than ever!" he said. I blushed, I was glad he was taking such responsibility but they work a lot. He deserved some fun! But he insisted! We got home and I took a shower. Niall and I went to bed early. I hoped no one would notice us acting out if the order-nary.

~3 days later~

It was 1 day before going on tour and I decided to see my doctor right before. When the checkup was over, she looked at me, "I'm sorry, but without reason, you have suffered a miscarriage." she said. My face went pale. "What??" I asked. I hadn't known I was pregnant until 1 week ago and now my baby was gone. "Look at it this way, you said you were not prepared. Maybe this is God's way of giving you the time you need until you are ready to receive a child." said Dr.Cooper. I didn't want this baby, now I did? She was right, maybe it was for the better but I still felt sad. 

I went home crying the whole way. Then I recalled something, when I was talking to Abby I had said, "I wish God could take away this baby." I began to heavenly sob, did he really hear me and do so? I went home and collapsed on my bed face first. "Careful! Don't hurt the baby!" said a deep voice. I bounced up and saw sitting in the round, fuzzy, green chair. I began to sob, "What is it?" he said. He came behind me and buried his face in my shoulder. "It's gone." I whispered. "What is?" I sniffled, "The baby." He shook his head. "What?" I took a deep breath. "Dr.Cooper said for no reason I had a miscarriage and the baby is gone." He began to get teary eyed. "Nye, in the end you know it's for the best." I said. He nodded. That night, I made sure all my things were packed. When Niall left the room, I got on my knees and prayed. I prayed for a safe trip and good health. At the end, I thanked him for saving my child from a totally unprepared set of parents. 

I got up and saw Niall, Louis, and Eleanor standing there waiting for me. "Emily, what haven't you told us?" Eleanor said. "Why do you ask?" I said. "We come home and hear you weeping through your door. We care about you." Lou said. I slowly explained what had been happening in the last week and when I finished they were shocked. Eleanor came and gave me a huge hug. Louis followed. "We didn't know you'd been dealing with such pain." Eleanor said. I shrugged, "Things happen."

I texted Abby and told her the news. Tomorrow the band would be flying to Maine and starting tour! Woo! What a month.  

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