Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


22. First Concert

We got up at 9 am. I got dressed and packed my suitcase. Niall put it in the bus. He gave me a kiss and hug and climbed on his bus. Their fist concert of the tour was at 7:15 and the guys were pumped! The girls climbed on the bus and popped a movie in. We had to drive 30 mins to the stadium. I plopped on the couch and my phone buzzed. *Care to update your old ma?* it said. I updated my mother and turned to Abby, "Talk to your folks lately?" She nodded, "When we get to Massachusetts they might fly to Boston and all of us will be together!" She said excitedly. "Thats great!!" I smiled. "SHHHH!" Perrie said deeply envolved in the movie. 

We arrived at the stadium and the boys practiced for 3 hours! We were sitting (the girls) in the game room and messing around when I heard Niall. "I'm so hungry I'm going to die!!" I giggled. We sent management out for subs. The girls swung our coats on and went outside. We were in Augusta, the capital of Maine and it was quite beatiful. An even spread of city and country. As we were inhaling the 65 degree air, a white van pulled up. I turned to Abby, "Always trust a man in a big white van!" I joked. A group of fans busted out, "ONE DIRECTION!" they chanted. "Americans, so persistant!" Perrie laughed. "They went to Wendy's! Hurry you might catch them!" I said. "GO GO GO!!" Abby added. They hopped back in the van and sped off. (Knuckle bump with Abby!)

We walked back in as management brought the subs. "LUNCH!" one of them yelled. We quickly grabbed our subs and backed away. It sounded like Apes running around the place as the boys ran to the table. They knocked the table over trying to get their food! "Boys! Please!" Eleanor said. They calmed down and devoured their food. We girls laughed thinking we were so civilized! 

~30 mins before concert~ 

Niall looked so handsome as he put on his button up shirt. I admired him silently. "Why thank you Emily! I do look sexy!" he said. I laughed, I put my arms around his waist, "You look dashing!" I said and pecked his cheek with a kiss. "20 mins!" shouted the stage man. "This tour needs to be big! Bigger than the first!" Niall said. I nodded, "It will! Finish up!" When it was 10 till, I asked for the whole crew and the boys and everyone to form a circle. "Now, this night is the kickoff for the rest of the tour! Everyone has been working so hard through everything and I think we shall have a prayer of thanks for letting this night exist." I said. Everyone nodded. "Lord, thank you for having these boys here today. Thank you for letting them have such an opportunity and letting them live their dreams. We ask that this concert be conducted saftely and that the boys will remember all the words and moves that they've prepared. We say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." All the boys were in tears. So was Perrie, Eleanor, and Abby. "Let's do this!" Zayn shouted. 

We went and sat front row and watched the show unfold. Simply perfect.

~After show~

The boys put on their comfy clothes and we loaded into our buses. We weren't going yet. Everyone showered and got in their pajamas. "I think we should have a sleepover!" Lou said clapping his hands. Everyone agreed, everyone climbed onto the girls bus and we put in a movie. I snuggled close to Nye and whisperd in his ear, "Wonderful job tonight sweetheart!" I beamed. He smiled and kissed my lips, "Thanks love." I put my head on Nye's shoulder and looked around. Harry and Abby were snuggled all cozy! I was so happy for them! Then Zayn and Perrie, Lou and El. Then I see Liam, I felt terrible for him. He was going to ask her to marry him for Pete's sake! I wonder what Danielle would have said. If I had been close, no matter our relationship, I would have socked her in the face! Yes, I get that mad! I watched half the movie them put my head on Niall's lap and fell asleep.

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