Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


17. Elo Govenor!

6 a.m. "Flight 27 to London England gate 5 now boarding." I was so nervous. But my whole family was there for support. My brothers gave me huge bear hugs and my parents did the same. "Not to much partying!" my dad joked. My mother was quietly sobbing. "I love you all!" I said, as I walked to my gate, I blew them a kiss. They waved goodbye. I was terrible at goodbyes, but I would be warmly welcomed on the other side. 8 hours repeated in my mind. I never liked to stay still for long. I knocked out the first 4 hours with sleep. I hadn't slept much because I was so nervous and excited. The flight attendant gave out dinner and drinks. I was tempted to turn on my phone and text Niall, but I decided not to.

1 more hour to go. I had an annoying little boy kicking my seat. I turned and asked him to stop but he only stuck out his tongue. An old woman was beside me. "Nervous dear?" she asked. "A little. I've only been to England once." I admitted. "I'm visiting my grandchildren. I'm so excited!" she said. She had an English accent and was probably from England. "Why are you flying?" she asked. "Also visting my family. My boyfriend." I said. Her eyebrows shot up. "I see, what's the young man's name?" she asked. "Niall." I blushed. "Unique name." I nodded. "It fits him." I said.


I grabbed my luggage and went looking for Nye. "EM!" I heard. I turned to see Niall running after me. I dropped my bags and let him attack me with hugs and kisses. "I'm so glad you made it saftely!" he said. I sqeezed him hard, "ME TO!"  The whole crew showed up. I hugged everyone. I looked at Liam, "How is she?" I asked. "Doing good." he said with a weak smile. "I think we should drop your bags at my flat and take you out for dinner!" suggested Lou. Niall and I were bunking with Lou & Eleanor. Everyone looked for my response. "I never turn down a celebration!" I said.

We dropped off my bags and grabbed a limo. Niall put his arm around me in a protective way. We were going to an Italian restraunt. "The food here is PERFECT!" Nye said. I laughed. We arrived and ordered. Fans recongized the boys and asked for autographs and pictures. The guards soon turned them away. Some were nice enough to ask Liam about Danielle, and I bet that made him feel good. After dinner, we headed to Lou's to watch a film. Then I began to shake. "Harry? Where's Abby?" I asked. "She'll be arriving tomorrow." he smiled. In my pure excitment I'd forgotten about her well being. We put in Stepbrothers and starting watching it. Half way through, Zayn and Perrie called it a night and went home. Then Liam left. It was just Niall, Harry, Louis, Eleanor and myself. When the movie finished, Harry left. "Everyone, I demand you get into pajamas so we can have a SLEEPOVER!" Lou belted. Eleanor put a hand on Lou's shoulder, "Not tonight Lou." she whisperd. He shrugged and said, "You two can have your own sleepover!" Lou winked as he walked into his bedroom. I grabbed Nye's hand and walked into the guest room. "3 more days till we leave!" Nye said taking offf his shirt. "I know, I can't even believe I'm here right now!" I said. He took ahold of me and threw me on the bed and started tickling me. I put myself on top of him and pressed my lips against his, "Bed time!" I said.  

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