Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


40. Dog Sledding

The cold Denver air greeted me as I stepped out onto the balcony outside Harry & I's room. Harry came behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "Morning sweetheart." He said, his  deep voice gave me chills. "Morning." I giggled. I set out the clothes for Harry to put on, I babied him. He & I got dressed, I wrapped his scarf around him. "I don't want my Hazza to catch a cold! Also did you put on underwear? Because snow likes to get in your pants!" I said. He laughed, "Yes Em. I put on underwear, plaid to be specific." he said kissing my nose.  

We all climbed into Lou's hummer and we took off. Everyone was bundled up and you could barely see their faces! We arrived at a old cabin in the middle of the woods. As we got out, Husky's were EVERYWHERE! I saw a little black puppy Husky with blue eyes. I ran up to it, how cute! He licked my face, Harry came walking up, "He likes you!" Harry said. "And I like him! Oh I just want to take him home!" I said putting the puppies face in my palms. Harry pulled me away to go receive some pointers from an instructor. My mind just kept going back to the puppy.

When he was done talking, I was about to climb into the sled when Harry grabbed my arm, I whirled around, "Not without me. No way!" He said. I crossed my arms, "Let's see, I'm how old? Right! 19! I can handle myself Haz!" I said. "Considering the snow tubing, no mam! I'm coming with you." He said. I gave up and got in the sled, I didn't REALLY care. He was my boyfriend, I kinda liked that he wanted to protect me. The man cracked his whip and the dogs took off! I hadn't realized I had grabbed Harry's hand in fear. This was AMAZING! Snow was kicked into my face, Harry wiped it off. The ride was spectacular!

We got off, a bit dizzy. "So you got a little scared I noticed?" Harry chuckled. I tapped him on the arm, "Whatever, maybe I needed you for a little." I said. He kissed my lips, "I love you Em." I blushed, "I love you to Haz!". We were walking to join the others when someone tapped my shoulder, I turned to see a pale Abby. "Emily, we need to go. You have someone here to see you." She said. My face read alarm, Harry saw and gave me a, 'What's wrong? Do I need to come?' look. I grabbed his hand and followed Abby into the car. None of the other guys asked, just let us leave.

We arrived at the cabin, Abby offered to stay in the car. I walked in, hand in Harry's. I saw my mother stand up, "Mom? What are you doing here?" I asked. I gave her a hug, but I was worried. "Sit." she said. I wanted Harry by my side. "Sweetheart, while you were gone, uh well..." She was beating around the bush. My heart was pounding through my chest. I could feel mom's anxiety. "What?" I asked. She looked down, then looked back up teary eyed, "Cooper, he, passed. Got hit by a car. I'm so sorry, but I wanted to tell you in person and blah-" I shut my ears. I was looking at mother's face, but not hearing anything. I got up, everything was in slow motion. Tears fell uncontrollable, I ran to my room and sat in the corner with my knees to my chest. Harry walked in, he said something but I couldn't make it out over my crying. I put my hand over my heart while continuing to cry profusely. "My boy. My sweet boy!" I yelled and cursed. I was in a state Harry had never seen before. He wrapped his arms around me, I shook them off and went to the balcony. I attempted to fall off but Harry grabbed me and put me on the bed. "Hush love. Hush. Do you think losing Cooper is worth killing yourself?" he asked. I tried to speak, but my crying wouldn't stop. My sweet sweet dog, was gone. Gone. He was only 15, I'd known him all my life. I felt anger, "HARRY! HE WASN'T JUST SOME MUT, HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND, MY EVERYTHING!" I yelled. He took a step back, shocked at my outburst. I felt sick, like I was going to throw up because of my crying. Harry grabbed me and put my head on his chest and rocked me. I felt like a 5 year old, I didn't even care.


I'd NEVER seen my Emily so upset. I was at a loss for words, that dog had done something to her. I could clearly see the connection. I thought of something to cheer her up, so I left her alone to gather herself. I drove back out to the dog sled cabin. I got out and everyone was worried, "What's wrong Harry?" Liam asked. They all gathered in a circle, "Emily lost a very close friend, her pet dog Cooper. But he was considered more than just a pet. They were so close, at the news of his death, Emily would have taken her life had I not stopped her." everyone gasped. "I think she'll be ok however." Then everyones faces relaxed, I went to one of the instructors, "Sir, how much for that black Husky round there? Money is no matter in my case."

I put the Husky in a cute box with a blue ribbon tied around it. I decided to reveal him that night at dinner. I placed him in a cage and gave him food and water and stored him in the garage next to a heater. I walked into Emily's room, she was flipping through what was a photo album. Tears rolling down her face. "Love, I can't stand to see you hurt." I said. She shrugged, "I need to cry my tears Haz." she said. I understood and sat by her. She closed the book and took a big breath, "Haz, I'm sorry for my incident over the balcony. I was being stupid, but that action showed my true upsetment." she said sniffling. I kissed her cheek, "I know love, I understand. Your bond with him, I was blind to see the depth." I said. I thought maybe now she needed to see the puppy. I took her hand and lead her to the garage, "Harry what are you-" then she gasped. She laid eyes on the black Husky who wagged his tail at the sight of people. She began shaking her head, "No, no, no." she turned and ran away. 

I ran after her, back in our room she was mad, furious. "Harry?! Uh, I just, too soon." She said. My feelings were terminated. I thought she'd like it! Now I was a bit mad. "I'm sorry, thought you'd like it." I said with a bit of attitude directed at her. "What so it's MY fault? I love that you were sweet to think of-" I didn't want to hear anything, I held my hand up, "Em stop, my mistake. I'll take it back." I turned to leave, "Harry no! I don't want you to take him back, but I think it's too soon. You've put me in a bad spot." I huffed, "So it's MY fault?" I asked. She began to cry, I felt bad, terrible. "Please love. Don't cry. No more tears. I can't stay mad at you when you cry." I said. She laughed at my attempted joke. She reached to wipe her eyes but I beat her to it, "I'm sorry babe, let's just forget about it." She shook her head, she grabbed my hand and we go back into the garage. "I want him. Thank you." She said kissing my cheek. I blushed, "He was nothing." She laughed, "No sweetness, thank you for dealing with my emotion roller coasters, my attitude, my impossible self." She said. "No problem." I said. kissing her, "You're worth it." I said. She blushed and walked over to the puppy. "What's his name?" I asked. "I think, that Cole suits him. He's black as charcoal, so Cole fits fine." She said. I smiled, "Yes, it's perfect."         

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