Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


14. Dinner With the Fam!

I got up early to go to the grocery to make Key-Lime Pie for my dad. I left a note on the fridge for Niall and drove my yellow mustang to the grocery store. On the way I was thinking about how my family would accept Niall. I was a strong Christian and my parents didn't believe in drinking or anything and that's what Niall did. He was Irish for crying out loud! But he knew how I felt so he didn't drink so often. 

I came back and Niall was watching the rest of 21 Jump Street. "Hey babe!" I said with a peck on the cheek. "Morning!" he smiled. I laid the grocery's on the counter and went into my room. "Oh my gosh!" I gasped. There were roses in the shape of a heart on my bed. Niall came behind me and put his arms around me and kissed my shoulder. "I had a question." he said. WAS HE GOING TO PROPOSE? "I would like you to come on tour with me. It would mean a lot to have your support." he smiled. I turned to face him and pushed my lips against his. "Of course!" I said with a big smile. He squeezed my hips and went for another kiss. "I have to start the pie!" I giggled. He signed and as I walked away patted me on the butt.

"Nye? Do you have something clean to wear to my parents house?" I asked. He nodded, "Can I help?" he asked. I nodded. So there we were baking in the kitchen. He put a bit of batter on my nose, licked it off and we laughed till we were purple. He started singing random songs, I bumped him with my hip.

I put on my yellow dress with flowers on it and put on some silver heels. I looked at Niall and he looked AWESOME! "Babe, you are totally going to impress my parents and brothers! Just be you!" I smiled. He kissed me and said, "You look really hot as well!" he winked. 

We drove up to my childhood home. A 3 story red brick home with a huge yard and woods backing it up. "Wow, you were living large!" Niall said.I laughed, as we pulled up, my brothers had already beat me home! Yeah, I still called it home. We walked to the front door and rang the doorbell and walked in. My whole family came through the small hallway. "EMILY!" my brothers yelled. I was soon embraced with hugs and kisses. "Everyone, this is my boyfriend Niall Horan." I said as I smiled. Everyone sized him up. "Hello, nice to meet you all!" he said. We were an average size southern family who just loved to have a good time! Dad eyed the pie I was holding. "What a good way to start this off!" he chuckled as he took it from my hands. 

We walked into the living room and sat on the couch while Mom got dinner ready. "So how long y'all been dating?" Ross asked. (The younger of the two.) "8 awesome months." I smiled. "Where did you meet?" Daniel asked. "England." Niall replied. "What's your favorite thing about Emily?" asked Dad. "I can't name just one!" Niall blushed. I smiled at him. "DINNER!" Mom yelled. Niall sat beside me, they discussed the future and Niall's career. "Tour starts next week." I said. "I'm joining them." I added. Everybody froze, "You're going to various countries and states without anyone?" Mom asked. "Well Niall! Abby is coming as well!" I said. I could feel the pressure as my family glared at Niall and I.  

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