Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


11. Cheating?

We all drove back to the hotel. How should I respond? I mean, I hadn't seen Jack since, well, last summer? We were dating, and then he changed and I called it off. That was before I went to England to see family, and met Niall and forgot all about the guy who broke my heart! Now, why would he choose now to ask me for forgiveness and another chance? He doesn't even come CLOSE to Niall!

To: Jack

Why are you asking me that? You ruined what we had! So I found someone better! Sweeter and actually pays for our dinner! Leave me alone. You can find someone better to.

Now I know what your thinking, I was harsh then I added a sweet part. He deserves someone, just NOT ME! Then he totally punched me.

From: Jack

I still love you.

Bam! Hit me like a train! I left it on my screen. I was hurt, why was he trying to get me back? We are over, done, exterminated! We got back to the hotel and I popped popcorn and started to watch Nemo. Comfort things. Niall came in, "Hello gorgeous!" he smiled. "Hey sexy!" I replied. My phone beeped again but I dare not look. Instead Niall picked it up, "Emily? Who and what is this?" he said in a disturbed tone. He handed me my phone, another text from Jack saying, "I want you back. Where are you? I'm coming!" I did a major face palm. "He your new boyfriend?" Niall asked. I thought he was kidding but when I looked up, his hands were tight and eyebrows deep. I shook my head, "No of course not!" I said. His face got red and he stormed out. It was pouring rain, where was he going? I in my short shorts and tank ran after him.  "Where are you going?" I yelled. "To find a woman who doesn't cheat!" he yelled back. He took the stairs and raced down them. "NIALL STOP!" I yelled. Tears began to fall. I was a cry baby lately. Flashes from all the times Niall had ever helped me, or comforted me began to play. He went outside and I screamed "STOP!" at the top of my lungs. He turned around. "Niall, I would NEVER CHEAT on you! You've been nothing but perfect ever since we started dating! Jack was wanting to get back together and I said no because you were the ONLY guy that has every made me TRULY happy!" there we were in the rain, me screaming like a insane person. He thought about this for a little. "You can check my phone!" I yelled. I began to cry because I never wanted to hurt Niall in any way! He took off his purple jacket and walked towards me. He was going to put it on me but I stopped him and jumped in his arms. We were standing there, kissing, in the rain. We stayed like that all the way to our hotel room. I unzipped his pants...      

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