Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


35. Breaking the Ice

Harry & I were still walking when I felt a drop. "Em, I think it's starting to rain! We should go back!" Harry said. Within a few moments, it was pouring. Harry and I were soaking wet by the time we got to the front of his house. I started to walk inside but Harry stayed at the bottom of the steps in the rain. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Come here." he said. I walked over to him and he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me in the rain. A passing car beeped their horn. We didn't stop kissing, I finally pulled off his lips and took him inside. "Want some cocoa?" I asked. "Yeah, but I'll make it, go on and sit on the couch." Harry said. He brought me a cup of cocoa and brought a blanket to. He spread it out on top of us and sat next to me. "Thank you." I said. His hair was all wet and we were wet and Anne was probably going to be upset.

Anne walked in shaking her umbrella, "Uh! I hate the rain." she mumbled. She walked in and kissed Harry's cheek. "Hello mum." Harry said. When she kissed Harry's wet face she look disgusted,"Harry Edward Styles! You two go get changed right now! You've gotten my couch soaking wet!" she said throwing her hands in the air. We laughed and apologized, then ran upstairs to change. I unbuttoned Harry's shirt and we warmed each other up. *wink*

After we'd showered Harry's phone rang.

"Yeah? Sure, no we're free! I'll tell her! Love you too! Bye!"

"Who was that?" I asked. "Gemma. She wants to have dinner with us and mum. I told her sure." Harry replied. I really wanted to get to know Gemma. She had just seemed stand-offish. "Great!" I said. We walked downstairs to find Anne quietly reading. "Mum, Gemma called. She wants to have dinner with us at 7." Harry said. Anne nodded, "That's fine." I realized that her, 'book' was actually a picture album. "Aw! Look at you Harry!" I gawked. Harry blushed, "I was so cheeky." he said. We spent an hour of Anne & Harry sharing family memories connected to the pictures. It was great to learn about Harry's childhood.

Harry & I went to go get ready for dinner with Gemma. "I want to get to know Gemma." I said. "You might want to hold off on that." Harry suggested. "Why?" I asked tying his bow tie. "Because she's so cross with me." Harry said. I sighed, "You'll get your chance." Harry said holding my chin up and kissing my lips. We walked downstairs where Anne was putting in her earrings. "Limos ready." she said. We all walked out and got in.

We arrived and Gemma was already there. We sat in a booth and it was very awkward. "So Gemma, what do you do?" I asked. "Cosmetologist." she said. She wasn't in to finding out about me, she let me do all the talking. Our food came and Gemma & Anne were talking about Gemma moving back home. Worst family dinner ever. I tried really hard, but Harry was right. She was mad and I would have my chance later. We hugged her goodbye, "It was very nice meeting you." I said. She nodded, "You to."

As we got in the limo, I told Harry, "Well, I think I broke the ice with her." I smiled. He kissed my lips, "Thanks for trying." he said. Anne smiled at us. "Harry? What time are you flying to America tomorrow?" Anne asked. "At 6." he replied. We got home and we changed into comfortable clothes. I wanted to make one last memory before we left Holmes Chapel. I went downstairs and got 3 things. Marshmallows, Bars of Chocolate, and Graham Crackers. I went outside and made a fire pit. This was one of my favorite memories growing up. I went back inside and grabbed Harry & Anne. I brought them outside. I had set out chairs and lit the fire. "Emily? You did this?" Anne asked. "Yes mam." I said. She clapped her hands together and put a marshmallow on a stick. Harry kissed my forehead and said thank you.  We made s'mores and talked and told stories. In that moment, I felt like I'd never left home.   


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