Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


23. Betrayed

I woke on Niall's lap still. I quietly got up not to disturb anyone. Everyone else was in their bunks. I put some toast in and scrambled some eggs. Niall came and kissed my cheek. He sat at the bar and waited to be served. "Orange Juice Please." he said with a wink. "If there's one thing southern girls can do, it's cook!" I smiled. I set his plate in front of him. As he ate he kept looking at me as I made pancakes for him and everyone else. "Did you pay to watch the show?" I joked. He blushed, "I was just thinking, we should have date night tonight. I know that we won't have that special one on one time much so why don't we?" Nye asked. I flipped the pancakes and thought. "That sounds lovely!" I smiled. 

Zayn, Liam, and Louis walked in. "Something smells wonderful!" Zayn exclaimed. "These are for y'all!" I said putting the plate of pancakes on the counter for grabs. Liam's eyebrows shot up. "Thank you!" He said with a big smile. After the boys ate, Niall stuck around to help clean up. "So, we are driving three hours to the next town. I want you to be on our bus." he said. "Sure!" I smiled. I kissed him and tapped his butt, "Now go get ready!" I smiled.

~3 hours, 30 mins later~

We arrived in the next town and pulled over to stop for gas. Niall, Abby, and I went in to get some snacks and drinks. Niall looked out the window, "Em, does that Jeep look, familiar?" he asked. I followed his gaze. "Holy crap, yeah, looks like Daniel's jeep!" I said. I payed for our stuff and walked towards the car. "Emily! Stop! That might not be Daniel's jeep!" he said. He grabbed my arm but I squeezed out of his grip. The windows were blacked out. I knocked on the window. Abby walked back to the bus to watch. No one responded, but the damn car looked so much like my brother's that I opened their door.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed. My brother Ross, and Daniel sat their. "Woah!" Niall said. "What are you doing? Spying? Following?" I said. My hands on hips. They avoided eye contact, "We were worried." Daniel said. "Worried my ass! You don't trust me! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!" I said infuriated, I remembered Niall was standing there. "Nye, can you give us a minute?" I said. He nodded and walked back to the bus. I took a deep breath. I felt betrayed! Had mom put them up to this? "Listen, I'm 19. I can handle myself. Now this problem should be easy to fix. Drive all the way back down to the south. Easy fix right? You don't fix it, I WILL!" I said. I slammed the door and walked to the girl's bus. I hopped into my bunk and buried my head in my pillow. Abby can to my side. "Emily? You ok?" she asked. "I'm fine Abb, it's all good." I muffled. She walked away. Nye was soon by me. He crawled beside me. "I'm sorry Emily." he said stroking my hair. I love it when he does that. I sat up and put my knees to my chest. "It's ok Nye. I'll be fine. I just feel, betrayed. I wonder if my mother put them up to this." I said. He squeezed me tight. "You still want to go out tonight?" he asked. I looked into his deep blue eyes, "Now more than ever."    

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