Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


50. Back in London

~Emily's POV~

I breathed in the fresh crisp London air. I honestly had missed it so much during tour. I lugged my bags into the taxi. The rest of my stuff would be shipped to Harry's. We planned to buy a house and he would move out of his flat. I couldn't wait to plan the wedding! Eleanor, Abby, and Perrie were going to help me! Now that the boys had finished tour, we had loads of time. I was so excited!

We arrived at Harry's flat and we hauled our stuff up the stairs to the second floor. Harry unlocked the door and I threw my stuff in our room. I ran back to the taxi and the driver was holding Cole's cage. I grabbed it, paid him and ran back inside. "Haz, you want some hot chocolate?" I asked, he laid on the couch and turned on the T.V, "Yes, thanks babe." he said.

I sat beside him sipping my hot chocolate, Cole jumped up beside me. I petted his head and gazed at Harry. "Haz, when do you want to get married?" I asked. He laughed, "If I had the choice, tomorrow. But um, I don't know. 3 months?" he said. I nodded, three months, that's in March. "March the what?" I asked. He shrugged, "Babe, can we talk about this later? I'm tired." he said I nodded, a 15 hour flight is pretty exhausting. I put down my cup, "Come on Harry, let's go sleep." I said. He smiled and turned off the T.V. I reached out my hand for him to grab. He took it and let me pull him up. We walked hand & hand to the bedroom. I climbed onto the cold bed and buried myself under the covers. Harry tapped my shoulder, I turned to face him. "Yes?" I asked. "Can you help me take off my shirt?" he asked. I nodded, slowly I peeled it off him reveling his nicely cut abs. I ran my hand over them, damn he's sexy, I thought. He pulled my face into a kiss, his hand ran over my stomach then lower. I moaned, "It's good to be home." I said.


I heard a slight wine. I opened my eyes, Cole was staring at me. He kept wining. "OK, I'll take you out!" I said. I lifted the small puppy off me and laid him on the floor. I looked at the clock, 9 pm. Jet lag was a real bitch. Harry threw his arm over me not letting me get up. I laughed, "Do you want Cole to pee inside or out?" I asked. He removed his hand and laughed. I hooked the leash to Cole's collar and grabbed a jacket.

It was freezing out, the sharp wind blew in my face. Cole was a husky, so he LOVED the cold. London was the perfect place for him. It was dark, I could see the snow falling under the street lamps. Cole relieved himself and I picked him up and went back inside. I fed him and gave him some clean water then he went to his little bed and passed out. I went back into our room and Harry was still sleeping. I felt my hair, oh yeah, shower time. I turned the shower on and let it warm up. I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Harry, "Come in babe." I said. He poked his brown curls through and smiled at the sight of me nude. "You need something?" I asked. He nodded, "You." he answered. He walked up to me, "Can I join you?" he asked. I giggled and nodded, he just stood there. "Well?" I asked. "Can you undress me?" he asked winking. I threw my head back in laughter. I unzipped the zipper of his pants and he moaned. I pulled off his pants, then I stuck my hand in his underwear grabbing him. He shrieked, "Cold hands!" he said. I laughed, "You can take Cole out next time." I smiled. But then I pulled at him, he moaned and I pulled harder. He began swearing, I pulled off his underwear. I pulled him into the shower. He pushed me against the wall. He went inside me, "Harrry." I moaned. He kissed my neck and began going faster. Damn, this wasn't even honey moon yet!  

After we got out of the shower, I heard my phone ring. "Hello? OMG HI! Sure! Awesome! Can't wait! Bye!!" I said, I hung up and jumped up and down. Harry walked in rubbing the towel over his hair. "What's up?" he asked. "That was Abby, she and Niall just landed and said tomorrow we can see them. They'll be staying for awhile. Niall bought a little condo about 4 blocks from here!" I informed him. He smiled, "Cool. They bring Fin to?" he asked, I nodded, his eyes brightened, "OK." he said walking back into the bathroom. I threw on some clothes and walked in and wrapped my arms around him from behind. He was gazing at himself in the mirror. "Em, how many kids would you want to have?" he suddenly asked. I shrugged, "About 5." I said. He smiled, "That's a lot. But I like that number." he said. I got on my tip-toes and kissed his cheek. I let go and leaned against the counter, "It's still early, you want to go out?" I asked. He nodded, "Maybe dinner and a film?" he asked. "Yeah I could go for a movie." I said putting emphasis on movie. He smiled his cheeky smile that I'd always loved.

Harry took my hand and we walked down the stairs to his car. He opened the door for me, what a gent. "This sounds so mature, like something my parents would do for a date." I said. "Mature? How do you mean?" he asked. "Like lots of couples go clubbing and stuff." I said. He laughed, "Well is that what you'd like to do instead?" he said raising one eyebrow. "NO!" I answered quickly. "Good," he said grabbing my hand. "I like a nice quiet date." he said. I nodded, exactly my thoughts.

We arrived at Nando's, I was glad we weren't going to any fancy restraunt. We walked in and immediately, fans recognized Harry. They asked for pictures and autographs, one girl asked for a photo with me. "Really?" I asked surprised. She nodded, "PLEASE?" she begged. I shrugged what the heck? She clicked the camera and she thanked me and then they all left. We ordered and sat down, "I never thought any of the fans liked me." I said. Harry shrugged, "At first, they don't, then I think you grow on them, then they see how much the guys love you and they back us up in our relationship choices." he said. I nodded, "Interesting." I said. I'd received lots of hate, but I really don't mind. Someone could call me a slut right then, I wouldn't care at all. We finished and left.

We arrived at the movie theater and bought some drinks and candy. 1 hour into the movie, Harry got up to get a refill. "Be right back love." he whispered.

~Harry's POV~
I went back into the lobby to refill my drink, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see a fan. "CAN I HAVE A.....A...A PICTURE?"
 studdered. "Course love." I said, after she took the picture, she pulled my face in for a kiss. I tried to get her off but she was STRONG. Then I heard a scream, "HARRY!" I got the girl off me and turned to see a sad Emily. She walked up to the fan, "What's your name?" she asked sweetly. "Wendy." she said quietly. Emily nodded and giggled, "I'm Emily, his finance." she said pointing to me. The girl looked stunned, "Bye." Emily said shooing her away. I wasn't sure what Emily was going to say, "Emily-" I tried to apologize, she held her hand. "No need Hazza." she said and she pulled my face in for a kiss, when she pulled away she said, "Don't let anyone else kiss those lips except me." she said winking. I got my refill, "So why did you follow me?" I asked walking back to our film, "Because directioners are a bit overwhelming. I don't want them to do something to you then you not be able to defend yourself." she said looking at me smiling. Those blue eyes got me lost. I pecked her lips, "I love you." I said. She blushed, "I'm kinda fond of you to." she replied. 

We got home and plopped in front of the T.V. I turned the news on. "Shit." I said. Emily looked at the T.V the headline was, "HARRY STYLES CHEATS ON FIANCE." she laughed, "What's funny?" I asked. "They think they know it all." she said. That made me feel really good, being reminded that they didn't know everything. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and went to twitter to explain myself. Already fans were expressing their hurt and anger. "@Harry_Styles: To everyone, it was a pure misunderstanding. I didn't cheat on Emily, a crazed fan decided to plant one on me. Emily & I are still strong." I sent the tweet, Emily was doing the same, hers was already up. "@Emmalee: Harry is the best fiance ever. He didn't cheat people so calm down. Total mistake, we're still making out on a regular basis." I burst out in laughter, "Thought you'd like that." she said without looking at me. 

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