Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


45. Baby Boy

"Come on Em." Harry said. I lugged my luggage in our room. "So, how is Abby?" he asked. "Doing very good. It's a boy!" I said. He nodded, "Good." he mumbled. I stored all my crap away. "So, how much longer we in Illinois?" I asked. Harry shrugged, "Tomorrow's our last day, then we fly to Oklahoma the next day." he said. I nodded, all this traveling was catching up to me. "Em, about that call, about you not calling me, I'm sorry love. I realized I care SO much about you, that I worry all the time and that I got that upset." he said. He lowered his head ashamed of his outburst over the phone. I smiled, I walked up to him and rubbed my hands down his back, "I think you're sexy when your protective." I said. He smiled cheeky, "I think you're sexy all the time." he said. We got undressed and made love, I wanted every bit of Harry Styles. 

~Next Morning~

I got up, not wanting to wake Harry. I poured some coffee, then heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find a sleep deprived Louis. "Lou? What's up?" I asked letting him in. "Niall got a call, Abby's baby will be born 4 weeks early." he said. I covered my mouth with my hand to keep from screaming with excitement! "What? Did Niall leave? Should we leave now?" I asked. Louis laughed at me, "Niall left, now can you pour me a cup of coffee love while I wake Harry?" he asked sweetly. "Sure thing Lou." Louis returned with a sleepy Haz, I handed Lou his cup of Joe, "Should I pack us an overnight bag babe?" I asked Haz. "Probably." He yawned. "Great! Well Zayn and us three are leaving at 3. Liam left with Niall. So be quick!" Louis ordered and left to go to his room sipping his coffee. I rushed to our room and packed Harry and I a bag. Harry watched me, "May I help you?" I asked rushing around the room, "Your just so cute." he said. I blushed, "Glad you think so! Now, get dressed!" I said. Harry did exactly as told and stripped right there and got dressed. I didn't complain, the man had a nice body!

All of us jumped on the plane, I was tired of planes to be honest. I was in the middle of Harry & Louis when they both started laughing and making jokes. "Haz, do you want to switch seats?" I half joked. Harry laughed at my situation. "Sorry love. We'll quiet down." Lou said. I nodded, "Fabulous." When we landed, we all got a taxi straight to the hospital. Abby was exhausted, her baby had already been born. Her face was flushed red and she looked sick. I rushed to her side, "Abigail! Talk, how are you?" I asked. She mumbled, "Fine, it's the baby." A nurse pulled me back, "Don't touch her." Harry boomed removing the nurse's hand from my arm and gently pulling me back himself. "Ms.Fisher is sick, the baby is suffering from fluid getting in his lungs. So we need this room to be vacant." she said. We nodded and left.

We found Niall in the cafeteria, Liam was with him. "Hey mate! How's the new dad? Congrats!" Harry said patting Niall's back. I couldn't think that I could have been the one in the hospital that had just given birth. "Thanks mate! Did anyone tell you about Fin?" he asked. "Just that he'd had fluid in his lungs." I said. He nodded, he was clearly stressed. I sat by him, "You'll be a great dad I'm sure." I told Niall. He huffed, "Yeah right. Until my music career is over, I'll be traveling and I'll barley see him." Niall said. Harry sat at the table, the whole band was concerned. "Don't say that! You will help raise Fin and be a GREAT dad. No doubt." Zayn said. Niall smiled, "Thank you all for coming so fast." he said. We nodded, "For you, anything." Lou said. A nurse came in looking for Niall. "Your son is doing fine now, we've stabled him. Would you like to see him?" she asked. Niall hesitated, but nodded. We all followed them to the room where Fin was. "Everyone, meet Finland Niall Horan." Niall said as the tiny baby boy was placed in his arms. Tears rolled down his cheeks even though he was trying to be tough. "Nye, he looks just like you, look at that nose!" I pointed out. He laughed. I turned to look at Abby, she was smiling, she waved for me to come over. "Need anything Abb?" I asked. "No, but listen, would you like to be Fin's godmother? Niall and I discussed it and since you are the obvious choice, we thought you'd like to be it." she said. Tears gathered in my eyes, "Of course. Thank you Abby." I said. I hugged her, I was so honored. I walked back over to the group, Harry was now holding Fin. I took a picture, it looked so natural for him. Like he knew exactly how to support Fin's head & body, it made me flash into the future of Harry holding our possible children. Harry gave Fin to me, I blushed as everyone was looking at me. I didn't even realize that I was crying, "You have the best dad ever." I whispered to the infant. I rocked him slowly then returned him to Niall. Harry grabbed my hand, and the rest of the band went my house to stay the night.

Liam & Zayn got Ross's old room, and Louis got Daniel's old room all to himself. My parents welcomed everyone with open arms. As the boys got settled, I looked out my window, I saw Cooper's grave. It called me, I answered.


"I'll be back. STAY HERE!" Emily ordered. I nodded, although the curiosity ate at me. I looked out her window to see her running towards something. It was dark, but I could tell what it was she was running to. Cooper's grave. She sat in front of it, and hugged her knees and began to cry. Every fiber in me told me to go after her, but as soon as I decided to go out there, she got up and ran into the woods. I took off after her.

The thick woods made it hard for me to quietly follow her, but I succeeded. Finally, she reached what appeared to be a tree house. It wasn't even in a tree, it was built about 10 ft. off the ground with a ladder to access it and a roof over the top. It had a small balcony off the side. Emily climbed in and stood out the balcony. I moved to under the tree house. She was talking, or was she praying? "I miss you Coop. Paul has Cole. I love Cole, but I love you more." she whispered. She began to violently cry. I'd had enough, I climbed up into the house blowing my cover. "Babe, stop your tears." I said embracing her. I don't think she was mad at me for following her. CRACK! "What was that?" I said. She stopped crying, but still lay in my arms protected. Just then, the boys revealed themselves. "BOYS! Don't scare us like that!" I scolded. "Sorry mate, we saw you follow Emily and we got worried so we followed you." Zayn said. Ah, they were good friends. "It's all fine." I said. The boys all climbed into the tree house. "This is sweet! Yours?" Lou asked Emily. She nodded, "My dad built it when I was 4, now I'm 19 and it's still here." she said still in my arms. "Impressive." Liam said. We all walked back to the house, when we passed Cooper's grave in the back yard, Emily held a long gaze in it's direction. "No more crying." she whispered to herself.  

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