Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


38. Abby's Surprise


After the s'mores, I felt the need to call Abby. Harry & I went up the stairs to my room.

*Hey Abby!*

*Hi Emily.* She didn't sound ok.

*You alright?*

*Yes, you & Harry want to come over? We have things to discuss.*

*Be there in 5.* I replied. 

Something was off. I got Harry and we drove over to the Fisher's house. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Abb's parents. I left Harry & Niall chatting and ran up stairs. Her room was beige, posters from our teenage years still hung on her walls. Stuffed animals hung around, in a way Abby hadn't grown up. She was sitting on her bed watching T.V and I sat beside her. "Tell Dr.Emily what's going on with you." I said. She turned off the T.V., "I'm not going to sugar-coat it. I'm pregnant, 6 wks along. The father doesn't know." She said. Holding all her emotion back was one of her strong suits. Never had I seen her cry. I thought, "What is with Niall knocking people up?" I mumbled. She laughed a little. I hugged her, "Sweetheart, you need to tell Niall right now. He needs to know." I said. She nodded, "I feel like a 19 yr. old slut." she said. "NO! Don't ever think that! It was a simple mistake." I said. She shuddered a bit, "NIALL! COME HERE PLEASE!" she yelled. "Stay." she ordered me. I did as told, Niall came running up the stairs, "Yes love?" he said breathless. She patted the free spot beside her. Niall sat and Abby turned to face him, "Babe, I'm pregnant by 6 wks." She said. Niall's face went pale, he looked at me, "Can you give us a minute?" Niall asked me. I nodded and went downstairs to find Harry who was talking to Mr.Fisher. I waved hi, I looked out in the yard. Abby's old trampoline was STILL there! "Mr.Fisher, how come y'all kept the tramp?" I asked. "Well sometimes when Abby isn't here, I like to look out and I can still see 10 year old Abby jumping like it was yesterday." he said gazing at it. I could hear the emotion behind his words, it wasn't easy for any father to watch their baby girl grow up. I smiled at him then grabbed Harry's hand and we ran outside to the trampoline. We jumped on it, Harry's smile was priceless. I was at my happiest at that moment. "We need one of these!" Harry said. I nodded, we cut back flips and kinda had a contest. When he jumped, part of his shirt went up and you could see his abs. HOT!


Emily quietly left the room, Niall had no emotion on his face. I was scared, maybe he didn't want me. "Well, this is kinda great. Kinda not. But I have all confidence in us." Niall smiled, he hugged me tight. I could feel the tears coming. DO NOT CRY! He pulled away to look at my face then kissed me. "Abigail, it will be fine." he said. I nodded, he could tell just how scared I was. Emily hadn't been nearly as frightened, she believed if it was meant to be, it would be. So I would embrace this child. I shook my nerves off, even my parents didn't know. I wanted to avoid the awkwardness of it. I grabbed Niall's hand and we walked downstairs. I looked, no Emily nor Harry. Just then, I heard a joyful scream come from outside. Lord, what was she doing now?

We walked outside, they were jumping on my old trampoline. I remember those good days, they looked so happy. How would I have time to be a kid now with this baby? That's just it, I wouldn't. 


I saw Abby. Like I can look inside and know exactly how she felt. I can do that to anyone really. It's weird, but I embrace it! I got off with Harry, "It's midnight, I think we're going to split." I said. I hugged Abby & Niall, I'll admit, it was a tad awk sauce. "Thank You." Abby said. I bowed, "For you, anything." I smiled. We got in my dad's Cadillac and went home.

We were tired, everyone else had gone to sleep. Not surprised. Harry & I thought a movie would be good, so we climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor and he picked out something. I sat on the couch and chilled, Harry set it up and sat beside me, hand around me. "I think my parents like you." I said. He smiled, "That makes me feel relieved." He kissed me, it was soft, then he kissed harder. I liked his curls in my face, his red lips on mine. He was the other half of my soul, without him, I was nothing. When had I become so gushy? No matter! All the girls who had called me fat and crap in school I thought, What now bitches?

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