Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


32. 2nd Thoughts


I walked out of the bed and into the other room. Harry was on the couch. Odd. Why hadn't he come to bed last night? I shook him, "Morning." I smiled. He sat up, "Morning love!". "Why didn't you come to bed last night?" I asked. "Oh, I went back to watching T.V. Must have dozed off." he said. I pecked his cheek, "What's say we go downstairs and grab some breakfast?" he said. "Ok, gimme 5 mins." I said.

We walked downstairs, something was off about Harry. When we'd finished breakfast, we went back up to the room. "I have rehearsal today. At 11." He said. I sighed, "Alright, how long." he shrugged, "Probably till 1." he replied. I nodded and hugged him bye. "I love you." I said. "Love you too." he said on his way out. I was so confused, so I called Emily.

Emily came right away. "What's wrong?" she said. I gave her some coco and we sat on the couch. "Somethings wrong with Harry. Like he's avoiding me." I admitted. "Well, I don't know what's wrong with him." she said. I looked into her eyes, "What's wrong?" I asked. She got teary eyed, "I don't know what I'm doing!" She said. I was puzzled, "What do you mean?" I asked. She sniffled, "I wake up and my love for Niall is.. is... not gone. But just, fading." She said bursting into tears. I patted her back, "I feel the same with Harry. What's going on?" I said. I began teary eyed, "I love Harry. LOVE HIM! But I just, my love for him has decreased!" I cried. "What do we do?" Emily said. I shrugged, "Give it time. See what happens." I said.


I waited outside for the boys to return. The limo pulled up, Niall climbed out, "Hey babe! How long you been waiting?" he asked. I shrugged, "Only a little." I saw Harry, Abby was right, he looked distant. "Nye, I'm to take a walk. Just wanted to tell you." I said. "Want me to come with?" he asked. "Nah. Thanks though. Just need thinking time."  I said. Harry must have heard the Q, we met at the coffee shop. We sat down, hot chocolate in hand. "What's wrong?" I asked. He shrugged, "I realized something." he said. My eyebrows went up, "What?" I said. "After last night, I don't love Abby as much as I did say 2 days ago." He said. He sniffled, "Don't cry sweetie " I said putting my hand on his. "I don't want to hurt her." he said. tears rolling down. "Oh Harry. Listen she feels the same. So do I." I blushed.


What had she said? Did she say felt the same to? "Pardon?" I said. She shrugged, "My feelings for Nye, have faded. I have NO IDEA what the heck is going on. But honestly I don't know who I love or like." she said. "My feelings have drifted to. Towards someone else." I confessed. "Harry?" she asked. I nodded, "Yes, you." Her face went pale, this love triangle was getting out of hand. Emily not loving Abby, Abby not loving me, Me loving Emily. "Hazza, we have to figure things out." she said. She looked really sad, I wanted to love Abby, but it was really hard. What were we going to do? I held her hand, "I know one thing, I don't want to lose this." I said. She looked up, blue eyes now red from tears, "I agree." she said. I took her under my arm and we walked back to the hotel.

~Emily POV~

One question kept repeating itself in my mind. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I held myself together as I walked inside my hotel room. "Where'd you go?" Nye asked. "Went to grab some coffee. Sorry I didn't ask you if you wanted any." I said. He waved it off, "It's fine, I'm just watching the game." he said. I sat beside him, I grabbed his face and brought it mine. I held it there, to see if any sparks were still there. No, none! When I let go, Niall sighed. "Em, are you ok?" he said. I nodded, "Yes, fine." I calmly walked into my room and cried into my pillow. Why did I feel this way? Was it just a stage? I mentally face palmed myself.    

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