Only You Harry Styles

This story is about a girl named Giselle. She is 16. Giselle had 2 tickets to see One Direction. She invited her Best friend Melinda also 16, to come with her to the concert. They were so excited to go since they were 14. If you want to know more about this interesting story go and start reading NOW!!:) ENJOY!!!:))


14. The Dare

" Dare" I said.
" I dare you to go outside in only your bra and underwear and find a random guy walking on the street and do the gangman style." Liam said.
"Are you serious?" I said.
"Yup" Liam said.
I went to the bathroom and I took of my clothes. I hope their going to be happy. I had a belly piercing and tattoo of a flower on the right side of my hips. I went outside and all of the boys had their jaws open really open. "Take a picture, it will last longer." I said "Niall and Harry took their phones ready to take a picture. "You do know I was being sarcastic. Don't even think of taking a picture of me, especially you Harry." I said. They all had their phones out ready to record this. I went up to a random guy and I did the gangman styles. The guys were laughing really hard and I felt embarrassed. I went back inside and I put back on my clothes. " Now I feel embarrassed." I stated. "We'll, you chose a dare." Liam said. " Next time, I will make sure I pick truth.
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