Only You Harry Styles

This story is about a girl named Giselle. She is 16. Giselle had 2 tickets to see One Direction. She invited her Best friend Melinda also 16, to come with her to the concert. They were so excited to go since they were 14. If you want to know more about this interesting story go and start reading NOW!!:) ENJOY!!!:))


11. In McDonald's

We entered in McDonald's and we both waited on the line. There was girls in McDonald's and they noticed Harry and I. They came up to him and took lots of pictures. It was cute that the fans came and took pictures with him. So, we ordered and we went to a table. We started eating and we talked about lot of things. We were both done and I wanted to go to his house to check it out and see the boys. "Harry can we go to your house so I can see the boys and hang out with you guys for alittle while?" I said. "Yea sure, no problem love." He said . We went to the car and he started driving. We were almost getting to his house and I was excited. I missed the boys so much. I really missed hanging out with them. "Here we are." Harry said. I took of my seat belt and Harry opened the passenger door. "Thank you, Harry." I said. "No problem love." He said.
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