Only You Harry Styles

This story is about a girl named Giselle. She is 16. Giselle had 2 tickets to see One Direction. She invited her Best friend Melinda also 16, to come with her to the concert. They were so excited to go since they were 14. If you want to know more about this interesting story go and start reading NOW!!:) ENJOY!!!:))


4. In Harry Styles Car

I can't believe Harry Styles wanted to give me drive. It was unbelievable that Harry styles wanted to give me a ride, but its life. So Harry and I was walking to do car. He opened the passenger seat for me and I got in. "Thank you Harry." I said. "Your welcome, Love."
Well, he hopped in the other side and he was starting to drive the car. It was silent in the car but then he broke off the silence. "So, what brings you here?" "Well, I came here for the concert of you guys and now I'm in your car." I said. "So, where are your parents from?" "My parents are from Dominican Republic, so I'm actually a Latina Girl and I know lots of Spanish. If you want to know Spanish I would be gladly to teach you, but only if you want." I said "I love Spanish Girls and I would love to know Spanish." "Ok, then maybe one day ill teach you." "Yea" "Well, this is my home right here." I said. He stopped the car and got out of his seat and he opened the car for me?
"Thank you so much, Harry." "Your welcome". "Goodbye, Harry" As I was walking to the door. He shouted "WAIT, GISELLE". "Yea, Harry." "I was wondering if you wanted to hangout with me tomorrow, just the two of us, so we can get to know each other more?" "I would love to hangout with you and know you better." "Ok, so tomorrow at 2:00pm, I will pick you up." "Ok Harry good night." "Good night Giselle". We hugged and then he left.
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