Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


11. The Perfect Night

Mittie's POV

I opened the door to the house and we walked in, Hannah and Maddie set down their bags and sat on the couch.
"Boys! Get down here!" I yelled. I heard feet coming down the stairs. They came and sat in the living room with us.
"Let's introduce ourselves," I said.
"I'll start," said Louis, "I'm Louis and I'm really LOUD!!!"
"I'm Niall and I really love food."
"My name's Zayn and Claire and I are gonna run and get some dinner."
"Liam, and I ship movie watching!"
"As you know I am Harry. Oh and I like girls!"
"Guys, this is Madison and Hannah." I introduced them.
"Cool, hope you two like us," said Niall.
"Yea," echoed Harry, while looking at Maddie.
I scanned the room, Hannah was talking to Louis. Niall and Sammie were walking away into the kitchen. Zayn and Claire had left and Maddie was talking to Liam and Harry. I went to my room and finished unpacked when Madison came in.
"Hey, Liam said you'd be here," said Madison.
"Yep, so..." I trailed.
"Oh, can I crash in here for the night?" she asked.
"Sure why not?" I said, "Hey, when's dinner?"
"Soon, Claire and Zayn are bringing back pizzas," Maddie answered.
"Cool, you should unpack," I suggested.
She nodded and I left the room. I went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed Niall. I pulled him into the hallway.
"What?" he asked.
"Liam asked me out on a date!" I squealed.
He smiled, "Awesome!"
"Ya, I just had to tell someone," I replied. Then someone picked me up. I looked around and saw Liam. He winked and set me down. Liam motioned Niall and I to the dining room, where multiple pizzas covered the table. Everyone else was already sitting down. I grabbed a chair next to Sammie and Niall. Liam sat next to Maddie, I checked the clock. I read 6:45, I scarfed down my food, then pulled Niall out of his chair and I practically dragged him up the stairs into my room. I looked at the clock again, 6:52. I had eight minutes.
'Jeez Mittz, eat fast enough?" Niall asked.
"Soorry, but the date's at seven!" I said.
"Oh," he replied.
"Now pick out something you think Liam would like," I said.
"I'll try my best," he responeded. Niall looked through my closet and picked out a purple v-neck and black short shorts. He handed them to me, "Here."
I ran to the bathroom and got dressed. I pulled my hair out of the bun it was in, making my hair wavy. Perfect, the clock said 7:02. Crap! I was late! I sprinted down the stairs and outside to the patio. Liam was there waiting for me.
"Your late," he smirked.
"Sorrybut I was hungry!" I answered.
"Okay your forgiven," Liam said.
What are we doing?" I asked.
"You'll see but you need a bathing suit," he said.
I nodded and told him to wait for me. I ran and searched my suitcase for a bikini, couldn't find one so I borrowed Claire's zebra print suit. I got changed and put my clothes on top. I walked back outside to find a note that read:
Meet me on the roof, <3
I ran up there and saw a hotub!!! Liam came up behind me and said, "Get in,"
I did and Liam followed me inside. And I just have to say that Liam is ripped! He has abs! He scooted next to me.
"Like this?" he asked.
"it's perfect," I answered.
Then fireworks wet off, literally. They were beautiful but the finale was even better. The words "Mittie will you be my girlfriend" lit up the night sky. I looked at Liam.
"Of course!" I said. The biggest smile spread across his face.
"Let's take a picture," he said,"I dont want to forget this moment!"
He grabbed his phone and leaned his head by mine. I grinned and he took the picture and showed me. "It's beautiful." I said.
We got out of the hotub and dried off. We went to our rooms and changed. I put on a blue tank top and yellow pajama pants. I came out of my room to find Liam waiting for me in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the living room.
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