Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


10. The House

Niall's POV

Sammie and i walked into go to sleep and found Mittie and Liam snuggling. Aww, I thought, they made up. I put my pillow next to Sam and Mittie's. We were all packed in that room like sardines. I couldn't wait till we got back to our house.
 Woke up to Louis screaming, "We're gonna collapse the tent on you if you don't get up!" I looked around, I was the only person still inside. The tent had nothing in it. I rolled up my sleeping bag and walked outside.
"Morning," said Sammie.
"Hey love," I replied. I sat on the ground and zoned out.
"Niall? Niall?" called Liam.
"huh...what?" I responeded.
"Come on we're leaving!" he exclaimed. I scanned the area and all I saw was a car and trailer. 
"Okay," I jumped in the car and we drove to our house.

Mittie's POV

This house is huge! I thought. The house was so pretty but gigantic. I'm sure that I'll get lost in here. Louis unlocked the house and we all stepped inside. It was beautiful, right in the entry was a chandler and staircase.
"So, there are eight rooms, each of you girls can have your own," said Louis.
"Louis?" I asked, "I have two more friends coming today, hope you don't mind.
"Awesome, more people to party with! We'll figure something out for the rooms later," he answered.
"Wait, wait, wait," said Harry, "My room is available for another person." he smirked. I rolled my eyes.
"Can someone show me my room?" I asked.

"Sure follow me," said Liam. We walked up the stairs and turned a corner. There was a long hallway with many doors. Liam opened three of the doors.
"Choose," he said.
"Okay," I walked into a purple room with a black bed. It was perfect. I turned around and saw a huge flat screen tv. Wow, I thought. I set down my suitcases and jumped on the bed. I looked at Liam, he shut the door and laid down next to me.
"So do you like it?" he asked getting comfortable.
"Yea, it's really nice," I said.
He moved closer, "Mhmm, I think so too.
"Wanna watch a movie," I asked.
"Sure, but I might get bored," he answered.
"Okay, let's watch....Bambi?" I suggested.
"Sounds fine, a classic." he said. I slid away and grabbed the DVD out of my suitcase and put it in. I snatched the remote and laid back down.
    After a half an hour into the movie Liam moved even closer. He was almost on top of me.
"I'm bored," he said putting his head in my neck and breathed deeply.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"I don't know. Want to find out?" he said.
"Not really, not right now," I said.
"I do," said Liam. He started to kiss my neck.
"Liam!" I giggled, "Come on stop it!" he stopped.
"You know Mittie, I really like you," he said.
"Thanks, but let's get to know each other first. Okay?" I said.
"Okay, tonight 7:00 meet me on the patio, where we're going somewhere," he said moving away.
"Like a date?" I asked.
"I guess so....yea!" he said.
"Okay, I'll be there," I replied.
"Now go unpack," he said as he got up and left.

Madison POV
The plane landed in a half an hour, so I started to text Mittie.

Maddie- hey, we're here in 30 mins

Mittie- sweet, I'll get a ride from Louis

Maddie- okay, I can't wait! :p

Mittie- me either, bye, see you soon!

Maddie- later ;)
---end text---
I put in headphones and closed my eyes. I opened them and the plane was landing. Yay, I thought, I get to meet One Direction! I got off the plane with Hannah and found Mittie and Claire.
"Hey gurls!" said Claire.
"Hiya! I'm so excited!" I squealed.
"Well, then let's go Louis is waiting," said Mittie. I followed them and we piled into Louis van. He turned around and looked at me and Hannah, then smiled. He shifted into drive and pulled out into the road.
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