Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


7. Splash

Mittie's POV

"You came!" screamed Sammie and Claire when they saw me.
"Of course, you guys know I love water!" I said.
"Well, then wait are we waiting for? Let's swim!" exclaimed Claire. We all ran into the river, then dove underwater. I swam over to the other side of the river where a leaning tree was. I climbed onto it, then jumped off. I'm so glad I came, I gotta thank Niall.
"Hey, Niall!" I yelled.
"What?" he asked.
"Whadya think, come on up here!" I said as I gestured to the tree.
"Ok, be there in a second," he replied.
I waited for him then we jumped off together. We did that for about ten minutes, when I said, "Niall, you go off with Sammie." 
"No way I'm your river buddy!" he exclaimed.
"Yes way, cause I'm going to go talk to Liam." I replied.
"Okay but be careful, he's got a temper," he warned me. Then he jumped off the tree and swam towards Sammie and Claire. Its now or never, I thought. I hopped into the water and swam to the shore were Liam was chilling on a towel.
"Liam?" I asked.
"What." he said.
"First, can I sit?" I pointed to the spot next to him.
"I guess," he mumbled.
"Thanks, okay, here's what I don't get. Why are you mad at me?" I asked.
"I don't know, I guess I'm just sad." he said.
"why?" I wondered.
He sighed, "Danielle broke up with me."
"What? Why? Your such a great guy!" I said.
"It just wasn't working," he replied.
"Oh, I'm sorry," I said.
"Thanks, but I should be the one saying sorry to you. I just get frusterated easily, and I walked away from you in order to blow off steam," he told me.
"That makes sense," I replied.
"Ya, but I was still a jerk." he complained.
"Liam, don't sweat it, everything is good now," I said.
"I guess," he responded.
"Stop being a grouch, now are you just gonna sit on the beach or go swimming with me?" I asked.
"Well....." he drew out, "Race you to e tree!" He smirked and dove into the water leaving me way behind him. I jumped in and swam to the tree. When I got there he said, "Took you long enough!"
"Hey you cheated!" I shouted and shoved him into the river. I laughed then jumped in also. We swam back to shore and dried off.
"Are you hungry?" I asked Liam.
"Yea! I'm starving! I'm surprised Niall hasn't asked for food yet!" he joked.
"I know right!" I replied. Then Louis came out of the water and told everyone to go back to camp. We all walked back telling jokes and stories.
"I've got a game for tonight!" announced Louis.
"Do we want to know what it is?" asked Niall.
"Yes, so that way you can be prepared," Louis said.
"Then, what is it?" I asked.
"Mittie, the game is 30 minutes in heaven, because 7 is NOT long enough," shouted Louis.
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