Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


14. Rides

Mittie's POV I saw Liam come running down the stairs. He came up behind me and kissed my cheek.  "Morning love," he said grabbing a plate and piling food on top.

"Good morning," I replied, "So what fun thing are we gonna do today?" I noticed Madison slip into the kitchen. I felt bad rubbing in her face that Liam was mine. But then again it felt good, cause I finally got someone that we both happened to like.

"First we go to the amusement park, have lunch at Nandos, then go shopping!" said Louis.

"Sounds fun!" exclaimed Sammie.

We all finished our food and got ready. I put waves in my dark brown hair. I decided to wear a cute white blouse with black yoga pants. Claire was wearing a superman v-neck and gray skinny jeans. The two of us went to the living room and sat on the couch.  "I hate to be so straightforward but...are you and Liam a couple??" she asked.

"Yea," I grinned, "He's perfect."

"Oh am I?" a voice called out. I looked around and Liam walked out of the game room dressed in a gray t-shirt, a dark green hoodie, and jeans. I ran to him, and he grabbed me in a hug. 

"Most of the time," I said.

"Aww, thanks. You are quite perfect yourself." he added kissing my nose. 

"AAHH!," screamed Claire, "No PDA! AAHH!" We all laughed.

Zayn came into the living room. "What you don't like pda?" He said while kissing Claire's neck. "You don't?" Zayn joked still going at her. She laughed and gave him a huge bear hug.  "That's what I thought," said Zayn. Claire grinned. 

"So how bout the four of us leave for the park early?" suggested Liam.

"Oooo, sounds fun," said Claire.

"Let's go, we'll take a taxi," said Liam. We left the house and called for a taxi. Liam sat in the front seat. I sat behind him with Zayn, next to me and Claire on the other side of Zayn. I looked over at Claire and Zayn, he was rubbing her thigh, while she snuggled against him. I glanced at Liam, he was on his phone; probably tweeting fans. My phone vibrated:

H- where the heck r u guy???

M- in a taxi~left early

H- oh I'll tell the others, c u ther <3

M- bye! :)


Madison POV

We were looking for Claire, Zayn, Mittie, and Liam. Harry and I went outside to look for them. Harry pulled me aside by a big oak tree.

"Maddie, I really like you," he said.

"I like you to," I blushed.

"Awesome, I know this is a crappy place to ask, I wanted this to be special, but I couldn't wait," He trailed, "Madison would do my the honor of being my girlfriend?" He smiled.

"Oh Harry, of course!" I gave him a huge Horan-like hug. He kissed my cheek.

Hannah walked outside, "Sorry if I was interupting, but we know where they are now. They already got a taxi and headed to the amusement park."

"Okay," I said. Harry reached for my hand and we walked back to the house together.


Mittie's POV

We pulled into the amusement park and no one was there.

"Ya, we rented the park for the day," said Zayn.

"That's awesome!" Claire and I exclaimed.

"What ride do you want to go on first, love?" Liam asked me.


"I'll beat you in some go-carts!" I challenged him. "Your on!" he shouted. He picked me up and put me on his back. We ran over to the go-carts. I chose a purple car and Liam chose a blue one. We waited for the light to turn green, then we were off. I stayed in the lead most of the time. He passed me on the last lap, I sped up and we were neck and neck. I crossed the finish line just a second before him. We got out of our cars and walked towards a rollercoaster. "Haha, I beat you!" I cheered. "I'm sad," he pouted, "I never lose!" ";Oh, I'm sorry," I said sarcastly. He grinned and stepped in front of me. He pulled me close and kissed me, it was amazing. I could feel his love. He pulled away and embraced me in a hug. "I'm glad this park is this big, that way we can have alone time," he said. "I agree," I answered leaning my head against him. We stood like that for a while, then I said,"Liam?" "Yes, love," he answered. "Why do you like me and instead of my friend Maddie?" I asked. "Because your cute, kind, cheeky, a brunette, quiet-most of the time, well you have a the qualities I like and want," he answered,"May I add that your a great kisser." I smiled,"Let's ride this coaster!" We got on and noticed that everyone was there except for Niall and Madison. ";Heya, where's Niall and Maddie?" I wondered. "getting food," said Harry. We rode the coaster around four or five times. It was really fun! We all started to get hungry and were ready to leave so Harry offered to get Niall and Madison. Maddie' POV Harry walked into the park gift shop and found Niall and I eating fudge. Niall looked bored so Harry told him to go to the car were the others were waiting. I offered him a piece of fudge, he shook his head no. He grabbed my hand and we walked out to the car. Maddie's POV When we got home Harry pulled me aside, "Madison, you know I really like you," he kissed me and I wanted more. "tonight," he replied to my actions, "Tonight."
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