Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


12. Movie Night

As me and Liam walked into the living room holding hands, Louis shot me a surprised look. Madison looked over and flashed a little jealousy. We sat on the floor and I leaned against Liam. He glanced down at me and put his arm around me. Niall came out of the kitchen dragging Sammie by the wrist, "Movie night!!!" he yelled.
"Oh yeah!" agreed Harry, "I wanna choose though."
"Fine, but make it a good one," I said.
"How bout The Notebook?" Harry questioned.
"I guess," I said and the others agreed also. I decided to get comfortable so I moved and put my head on his lap. I was planning on falling asleep, but I started to watch a little bit of the movie instead. Soon enough, I fell asleep.
I woke up when Liam moved, I realized it had been a hour. "Sorry," said Liam, "My legs were falling asleep."
"It's okay--I'm still tired though," I yawned.
"Here, I'll carry you upstairs," he offered.
I nodded. He stood up and grabbed me. When we got to my room he set me down onto my bed. He started to walk out the door when I said, "Liam? Can you stay, well at last till I fall asleep."
He smiled, "Okay."
"Thank you," I replied. He nodded the scooted next to me. I laid against him and he put his arms around me.
"Goodnight," Liam whispered.

Madison POV
I walk into the room Mittie and I were sharing to her and Liam fast asleep. Was she trying to rub it in my face. I grabbed my pillow and blanket then walked downstairs. Harry was still in the living room.
"Do you know where I could sleep?" I asked.
"The only place else would be my room," he said.
"Can you show me?" I asked.
"Ya follow me," he replied. He got up and walked up the stairs. His room was the last one in the hallway. It was black, red, with multiple shades of gray. His bed was gigantic! Way bigger than a king!
"You know, you're really pretty," said Harry walking towards me. I started to back up but hit the wall. He pushed me against it.
"Harry don't," I warned him, but he didn't listen. And before I could say anything else he kissed me. I just stood there. He pulled away.
"Come on Madison, at least try," he pleaded.
"Harry," I moved away and laid down, "I think you're nice and attractive but I think I like Liam."
He sighed, "I've heard that one before, but at least give me a chance. He's got Mittz right now."
"I know," I said while motioning towards me, "I guess it couldn't hurt to try." I sat up and pulled him to me. We kissed passionately. He fell on top of me, pushing me back down. I imagine he was way better at kissing than Liam would be. Then he pulled away gasping for breath.
"Thank you," he said, "Now get some sleep." he got up and tucked me in. He went to the bathroom and after he was done he came back and laid next to me, starting singing. Soon enough I was asleep.
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