Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


15. Feelings And Emotions

Mittie's POV
We got home around 11:40 pm, so people stated to get ready for bed. Zayn and Claire were the first ones to go to their rooms and sleep. Liam went to his room, Niall and Sammie were watching a film with Louis and Hannah. Harry and Maddie had disappeared. I changed into pjs and went to my room, first saying goodnight to Liam. Soon enough I was asleep.

Maddie's POV

Harry was kissing and eating my neck, we were seconds away from you know what. Then it happened. It lasted for a bit, then we finished. Harry moved away and looked at me.
"How do you feel?" he asked
"Good, haha," I laughed.
"Me too, now get some sleep," Harry said.
"Night," I replied. He wrapped his arms around me and I kissed his cheek then leaned against him. I fell asleep very happy.

Mittie's POV

I woke up and checked the time on my phone; 6:30 am. I walked into Liam's room and jumped on his stomach.
"Uggh, go away..." he groaned.
"Oh okay, I guess you don't want a mooring kiss," I said.
"You can stay," he yawned. I grinned and grabbed his face, I kissed him nicely.
"You know how Harry's room is next to mine?" I said. Liam nodded.
"well Harry and someone who sounded a lot like Maddie, kept me up last night," I said.
"Oooo, they a couple?" he questioned.
"Yea, I hope so, Li; there was friggin' moaning and giggling coming from them," I said.
"They didn't," he gasped. I nodded. "I've gotta knock some sense into Hazza," he said.
"You think?" I replied, "Don't bring it up with everyone around though."
"Don't worry," he assured me. He kissed me and flipped us so he was on top of me. He kissed my neck, and when we went back to normal kissing I accidentally bit his lip. He didn't mind though, eventually we pulled away and got cozy.
"I love you Mittie," Liam said.
I smiled, "I love you too," and I pecked his cheek.
"Are you hungry? 'Cos I am," he exclaimed.
"I'm starving!" I said.
He sat up and I started out the door then Liam came up behind me picked me up "bridal style" and ran me down to the into the kitchen. He spun me around and kissed my forehead. He set me down and handed me a plate. He snatched a chocolate bar from the cupboard and started munching on it.
"Chocolate for breakfast?" I asked shockingly.
"Sorry, but I'm a chocoholic who was freaking out from chocolate withdraw!" He exclaimed.
I laughed and grabbed three bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Harry and Madison came downstairs and started to make their breakfasts.
"Harry, can I talk to you?" I asked.
"Yea, sure," Harry replied.

Liam's POV
I dragged Harry out of the kitchen and onto the roof. He looked at me like I was insane. "Honestly, why?" I demanded.
"Why what?" Harry asked.
"Hmmm, let's see. Keeping Mittz up all night with what you and Maddie were doing?" I said.
"Whoa chill, I asked her first ten she got all frisky," Harry replied.
"But Haz, it's too early," I told him.
"I know but have you sized Maddie up, she's fine!" he said.
"Haz, this is serious. You don't just do every girl," I said, "there has to be meaning behind it."
"Slow down daddy, don't tell me you're not thinking it," Harry said.
"True, but I want it to be special, and who knows Mittie might not even want to," I replied.
"Pssh, oh well, you can't keep me from doing what I wanna do," Harry said.
"Whatever, just be careful," I stated. I watched Harry walk back downstairs, I slowly followed after him.

Mittie's POV
When Liam came back down he still looked mad. I took his hand and walked outside to the hammock. We both climbed on, I turned my head towards his.
"Did he listen?" I asked.
Liam sighed, "Nope! I would say something and he would say the opposite," He sounded frusterated.
"Maybe I should talk to him, or at least Maddie," I offered.
"I don't know Mittz, I don't want you to get in this," he said.
"Hey, I'm already in this, you wouldn't know if hadn't told you," I reminded him.
"True, okay you can but only if you want to." He answered. I nodded, he leaned over and kissed my forehead, I,laughed.
"What?" he asked.
"You smell good, like chocolate," I smiled.
"Oh," he said forcing a smile.
"Come on cheer up babe," I said. I leaned over and I kissed him, I pulled away, and he pulled me back. Then we both broke away.
"I love you," I said.
"I love too, forever," he replied. I hoped he truly meant that.
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