Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


1. England?

Mittie's POV

"Claire, I can't believe we're going camping in england! This is defiantly gonna be the best summer ever!" I told her.
"yea I know," she said back, omg we gotta see if Sammie can come too!"
"You are totally right; I just can't wait!"
Yea but we leave tomorrow, so.......
So what let's get packing u go call Sam, I told her.

Sammie's POV

I'm going to England, I'm going to England! Whoop whoop! Wait do I have everything packed? I took a quick check of my suitcase, the texted Mittie.
S- ready?

M- ya, be at my house in 5

S- mmkay, do u think it will be possible to go shopping when we get there?

M- y?

S- cos I need some new Toms

M- kk

S- I'll be there in 5

As I pulled into Mittie's driveway I as her and Claire run out of the house.
"I got a cab to take us to the airport," said Mittie.
"okay sounds good," I made sure that I had my phone and iPod on me.

Claire's POV

"Want u back, want u back, want, want, you want u back, uhh!" I belted out in the taxi. The driver shot me an annoyed look. So, I reached for my bag and pulled out a Pepsi. I just loved pop!
We reached the airport around 10:00 so we would be in London by at least 1:00 pm. On the plane Sammie fell right asleep and Mittie was watching Bambi with me. I closed my eyes and drifted off.
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