Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


6. Confusion

Zayn's POV

I woke up at 6:00 AM, what was wrong with me? I'm never up this early! I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. So, I ended up going to take a shower. It was 6:30 when I got back and everyone was still asleep. I took pictures of everyone and posted them on twitter. I couldn't wait until the guys saw these.

Sammie's POV

"Uh," I moaned. I was so hungry, I didn't know how I made it through the night without a snack. I slid away from Niall and walked outside.
"Hi Sam, nice sleep?" asked Zayn.
"Ya, but I'm hungry!" I whinned. Zayn pointed to a trailer filled with food and other camping supplies. I practically ran inside it. I grabbed a bag of Doritos and a water. Then I sat next to Zayn.
"Hey Zayn?" I asked.
"huh?" he responded.
"Umm, I feel kinda weird telling you this straight up but, do you know that Claire likes you?" I said.
Zayn stared at me, "Uh, Zayn did you hear me?" I asked.
"Oh yeah, I was just thinking..." he said.
"About?" I wondered.
"Nothin'," he answered, "Well, I guess that's nice to know that Claire likes me."
"Nice to know!?!" I said shocked.
"Ya, what else would it be," Zayn wondered.
"I don't know, maybe I like her too!" I almost shouted.
"Well I do like her, but I don't want to go around announcing everywhere!" Zayn retorted.
"Fine, but you better be nice to her, because I've got my eye on you, clear?" I stated.
"Don't worry, she's safe," he said.
"She better be!" I said before heading to the showers.

Mittie's POV

I woke up with Niall's face right in front of mine. "Good morning love," said Niall.
"What are you doing here?" I looked over and saw that he had wedged himself between me and Liam.
"Well, you guys looked cozy, so I wanted to join!" he said in his cute Irish voice.
I ruffled his hair and said, "Niall, your welcome anytime."
He smiled, "Okay then, see you tonight!" With that he sat up and lept outside. I watched him go. Then I thought, I need to talk to Harry!
I crawled over to him. "Harry! Harry! Harry!" I said shaking him.
"Huh?" he mumbled.
"Harry, I need to talk to you," I whinned.
"What Mittz?" he asked.
"Is that my new nickname?" I wondered.
"Why not? Now what do you need?" he asked.
"Come on--outside!"
"Give me three minutes, I'll meet you out there. K?" he said.
I nodded and ran outside.
"Please, Harry find out for me!" I pleaded.
"You don't have to beg, I'll do it but only under one condition....." he smirked.
"What?" I asked.
"A kiss," he said.
"Harry not again, you already got one!" I said.
"Fine, but I won't ask Liam," he turned and started to walk away.
I ran in front of him and made him stop. "Okay," I said, and with that I gave him a nice one. Before I could get away, he pulled me closer. "Harry stop!" I tried to say but that was a mistake because as soon as I opened my mouth, he slid in his tongue. Eww, I thought but then I liked it. We both stopped.
"That was nice," he said, "Still want me to ask Liam?"
"Yes please," I said as I hugged him.
He laughed and said, "I would defiantly do that again! Would you?"
"A classic Harry!" I said and I walked away.

Claire's POV

As soon as I came outside I was tackled by Mittie. I pushed her off and said, "What was that for?"
"Get inside the tent," she said.
"Ok, so what's so important?" I asked.
"Well, I wanted to know if Liam liked me so I went to Harry," she answered.
"That's it?" I questioned.
"No, Harry said he'd find out of I gave him a kiss," she said.
"Well, did you?" I asked.
"Yea!" I squealed.
I was speachless, then the worst thing in the world happened. Liam walked out from behind the curtain on the other side of the tent.

Liam POV

I stepped into the room she was in. I didn't know what to do.
"Did you hear?" Mittie tried to studder out.
"The answer to your question is yes, but it won't matter anymore because you seemed to have a good time with Harry!" I shouted. That was a mistake because Mittie cringed. I shouted because I had already felt enought pain from Dainelle's breakup text last night.
"Liam, I didn't have a good time," she pleaded.
I didn't respond. Mite got up and walked towards me. I backed up, but half of me wanted to step forward. I turned a left.

Mittie's POV
When it was getting closer to the afternoon, Louis suggested going to the river. I deceided to stay back. Niall sensed something was wrong, so he stayed with me.
"You alright?" he wondered.
"No, I'm mad at Harry and frustrated with Liam!" I said.
"Can I ask why?" he wondered.
"Harry kissed me again and Liam overheard me telling Claire, so he shouted and walked away from me," I let out.
"I'm sorry love," Niall said, "Maybe I can fix it."
"How?" I said.
"Don't worry I'll talk to both of them. Now do you want to go swimming?" he asked.
"I don't know...." I trailed.
"I'll be your buddy!" he smiled. How could I resist that?
I smiled and nodded."Sure, let's go."
"Ya, my Mittie's back to normal." he cheered.
I laughed then walked to the river with him.
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