Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


4. Chocolate and Dares

Mittie's POV

"Campfire!" Louis shouted. We all grabbed some wood then sat down on the ground. Sammie was sitting by Niall and Claire was cuddling with Zayn, wow that was fast, I thought. And then again I longed for that same feeling with Liam. Wait was I insane that would never happen, so I grabbed a marshmallow and sat nex to Harry.

Liam's POV

Mittie, I thought. She's so, I don't know, cute. No that's not the word. I wish I was Harry right now, then Louis saw me eyeing her. "Truth or dare!!" screamed Louis. If he tries anything I'm going to kill him!

Louis's POV

"From now on we will have a game every night and I will choose always," I said, "Harry?"
"Um I'm going to go with DARE."
"You asked for it, I dare you to kiss Mittie," I looked at Liam and saw a hint of jealousy flash in his eyes. Ha, ha I thought.

Harry POV

"Ready for this Louis?" I asked.
I looked at Mittie and said in a deep voice "come here babe."
She giggled-perfect! I grabbed her face and leaned in, man I was one smooth player! After 3 or 4 seconds I pulled away. I looked around and everyone was smiling except for Liam, I would ask him later.
"Now my turn!" I announced, "Niall?"
"Mmkay let's see, out of the girls who do you like the best?" I asked
"Sammie!" Niall said in his cute Irish way!
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