Summer Love :)

Claire, Sammie, and Mittie go camping and meet their favorite band....


16. Bad News

Mittie's POV

We all got ready for the day. Around 11:30 am Louis called all us to the living room.
"We need to talk," Louis said.
"Yes," agreed Zayn.
"Unfortuantly the boys and I have to leave in four days," said Louis.
My face fell, "What why?" I was freaking out.
"We have to have some recording and an interview done in Austrailia," said Zayn.
"Why didn't you tell me this! You're supposed to tell me stuff like this if you knew before anyone else!" snapped Claire.
"Claire I, I didn't know how to tell you," said Zayn.
"Wait, how long will you guys be gone?" asked Sammie holding Niall in a death grip.
"2 1/2 months at the lastest," said Zayn.
"No!" I said, looking at Liam.
"Relax, we might be able to work something out with Simon, so you girls can come," Louis said.
"Really?" asked Sammie loosening her grip on Niall.
"Yea, I set up a meeting with Simon at 12:45pm today," said Louis, "So girls go out have some fun, we'll be back around 6:30ish.
"Yay! Shopping and girls maybe some clubbing later on," I squealed.
"Whoa Mittz I don't want you at a club without me something bad could happen," said Liam full of concern.
"Don't worry there'll be 5 of us," I told him.
"Ya," agreed Claire, "Now boys goodbye, just kidding, not that fast. Zayney come mere." Claire ran over to Zayn giving him a kiss and a hug. Liam got up off the couch and pulled me with him. He gave me a kiss, "Bye and be careful." he said. They left after we finished saying our goodbyes, then we grabbed our purses. My purse was more a bag than anything else. And we left to go to the mall.
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