My heart skips a beat (One direction love story)

Alexis and Maddy are roommates, and are pretty normal. What happens when Alexis goes to the grocery store looking for food when a certain band member from the famous British and Irish boy-band goes running down the aisle breaking her arm? Well they become close? Or well somebody ruin it for them? Or be like one of those romantic cheesy endings?


3. Chapter Three



"Well, I guess it's not getting better," she sighed, turning and walking toward me. I almost lost it when I saw Harry's confused and surprised face. He doesn't like girls that play games, but this was definitely going to captivate him.
Niall let a chuckle out and Zayn laughed. Liam smirked and Maddy and Niall helped me out to the van. I sat up front and Louis was going to drive. The others sat in the back.

"Don't drive too slow this time," Maddy teased. Louis laughed.

"Worry not, babe. I got it this time," he joked. Rolling my eyes at his comment there was an arm slung across my shoulders casually. Maddy and I had to switch places about two minutes into the drive. Now, I sat between Niall and Zayn. Harry sat next to Zayn. 
Rolling my eyes at one of Lou's jokes, there was an arm slung across my shoulders casually. Looking up I saw Naill on his phone looking like he was doing nothing wrong. 

“Good sir, you do realize your arm is across my shoulder, right?” I asked. He nodded, not taking his eyes off that damn phone. Frowning slightly, I elbowed him in the ribs. “So take it off.” 

“Bossy,” he mumbled under his breath, while rubbing his chest where I made contact. Smirking, I bumped his shoulder with mine to let him know I was only kidding. He smirked faintly and I glanced around. I saw Harry looking up at the back of Maddy's head, staring intently. I poked Niall in the arm. His blue eyes looked up and I pointed over to Harry. 
He started to grin like an idiot and shouted, “Aw Hazza, you little stalker, you!” Harry whipped his head over and glared at Niall, who was laughing. Maddy turned around and rose an eyebrow.

"How is he a stalker?" she asked. I noticed Harry blushing and he ducked his head down and pulled out his iPhone, pretending to text. I laughed a bit and Maddy looked at me confusedly.

"I think he fancies her," Niall whispered in my ear. I shuddered, but fought off the buterflies in my stomach to keep my calm exterior.

"Maybe," I sighed. Niall's hand brushed over my injured arm. I seethed in pain and he retracted it, apologizing a thousand times before I told him he was annoying me and stopped.
"How long to the hospital?" I asked.

"Ten minutes," Louis replied, speeding up to beat a red light. Maddy laughed while everyone else seemed a bit fazed.

"How the bloody hell can you laugh?" Zayn spat, waking up.

"I'm used to cars driving fast. Lots of people in my family get road rage really fast. It's funny," she explained. Harry smirked.

"How long?" Niall whispered.

"Until what?" I shot back.

"He kisses her," he replied.

"A week," I responded. Niall rose an eyebrow.

"A week, really?" he asked. I nodded. "Is she really that stubborn?"

"Bad relationships," I replied. Niall raised an eyebrow and his phone vibrated in his pocket, which was up against my thigh. It was a text. He glanced at Harry and replied. Shrugging my shoulders, I decided to start a conversation with Niall. “Say, why did you find the need to crush my arm?” I teased. He shoved his phone back in his pocket and looked down at me and grinned. 

“Well, you see, I wanted food! So, I was riding the cart and you were there and bam... you're down,” he joked. He also started to chuckle which only made me hit him in the arm. 

“Glad you find it funny.” With that, I faked being mad at him. After a moment of silence, he begged me to talk to him and after a couple "I'm sorry!"'s, he began to cry. I rolled my eyes. 

“I’m not stupid, your fake crying, Niall.” He lifted his head and a smirk was plastered on his face. 

“Smart girl. I like smart girls.” 

“Stupid boy. I hate stupid boys.” He faked hurt. Rolling my eyes, I wrapped my good arm around him.

"Just stop being so dumb and we can get along," I teased. He smiled and Louis stopped suddenly.

"Hospital!" he screeched.

"Thanks for making us deaf as well!" I screamed. Maddy laughed and we all piled out of the car.
We made our way inside (of course there was a lot of pushing and shoving. Niall kept me out of the way mostly). We checked in the ER and twenty minutes later, they pulled me back to be checked on. Scowling at Harry, who was poking Louis, running around, I walked with the nurse. When I got to my room, there was an arm around my shoulders. 

“Naill, again... arm.” 
I heard him chuckle, but he dropped his arm from my shoulder. The nurse with fake blonde hair turned around with a fake smile plastered on her plastic face. Holy crap... Like a real life Barbie doll. Creepy.

“Here you go dear!” she exclaimed. The overly happy blond trailed her hand over Niall's arm; looking up at him I could see the un-comfort in his eyes. I wanted to rip her head off and throw it to blood-thirsty dogs, and- wow where did that come from? Doing and inward shrug, I walked up to the un-comfy bed and sat on it. 

“So how was that blonde?” I asked, forcing the venom out of my voice as she left. 

“Not my type,” he replied with a heavy sigh. He slouched down into a chair. “I’m hungry!” he groaned. I snickered at him. 

“Well, you ran over my arm! You have to wait to eat!” I fake lectured him while touching his knee with the tip of my Converse. He playfully smacked my foot away. 

“Sorry about that,” he apologized. I replied with a small nod.

“What's done is done,” I told him. He looked deep in thought.

“Yeah,” he replied with a sigh.
The doctor came in and ran some tests. Yes, my arm was in fact broken. They put a cast on it and of course Niall was the first to sign it.We went into the waiting room and my jaw dropped at the scene. Zayn was fast asleep (no big shock there), Liam was tweeting fans and he pointed the camera at Harry and took a picture quickly, Louis was playing absently with Harry's curls. Maddy was fast asleep with her head on Harry's lap. He was stroking her hair and smiling faintly to himself.
I coughed and everyone awake looked at me.

"Lexi!" Louis cried out, running up to me and wrapping his arms around me.

"Let. Go!" I hissed. He let me go and playfully slapped my face. I rose an eyebrow and he signed my cast. So did Liam. We woke up Zayn and he signed it. We tried to wake up Maddy, but Harry glared at us and told us to keep her sleeping. He lifted her unconscious body in his arms and carried her quietly to the van. I looked over to find the boys snapping pictures of it.

"It's adorable," Niall whispered. I rose an eyebrow.

"Whatever gets you sleeping at night," I joked.

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