My heart skips a beat (One direction love story)

Alexis and Maddy are roommates, and are pretty normal. What happens when Alexis goes to the grocery store looking for food when a certain band member from the famous British and Irish boy-band goes running down the aisle breaking her arm? Well they become close? Or well somebody ruin it for them? Or be like one of those romantic cheesy endings?


1. Chapter One


          “Lexi, if you don’t get your lazy, fat ass out of that bed, I swear to the bacon that I will hide all of your movies!” my best friend, Maddy, shouted from the hallway. 

“You mean my gorgeous ass!” I sung out to her whilst rolling out of the comfy bed. 

“Whatever makes you sleep at night, Lex, whatever makes you sleep at night.” 
Rolling my eyes, I slowly dragged myself to my closet. When I mean dragged, I mean I literally dragged myself against the freezing wood floor. Would it kill her to turn on the heat at night? The thought of warm floors floated across my mind. A lazy smirk came across my mouth. Shaking my head, I stood up and began to rummage through the clothes. 

“Too bland,” I sigh, throwing the outfit behind me. “Too bold. Too scary?” 
I looked at the outfit in front of me which was mixed between Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. How in the world did this get in my closet? Shrugging my shoulders, I threw that behind me also. Grabbing a pair of Hollister jean shorts and a tank top that said ‘Everyday I’m shufflin’, I throw them on my bed to look at how they go together. Smirking at my outfit, I ran to my bathroom, putting my clothes on the counter. I began to brush my teeth and started the shower up. Jumping out, I quickly dried myself, yanking a brush through my mane of brown hair. Wincing when it hit a huge knot, I began to go into let’s-get-this-knot-out-of-my-hair mode. Smiling when I was satisfied, I threw it up into a messy bun on top of my head. I threw my clothes on. I bolted downstairs to see Maddy standing on top of the kitchen counter with a coffee mug in her hand. Raising an eyebrow, I began to question her.

“Hey Maddy, so watcha doing up there?” I asked, rocking on my heel. She had her light brown hair with natural golden highlights piled into a ponytail with a mad look in her eye. Oh dear lord. 

“That spider thinks it can scare me by its weird 8 legs..." I noticed her looking around the ground, her hand shaking. I noticed the mug was empty. "But guess what? I'm going to find- IT'S RIGHT THERE! HOLY MOTHER OF BACON ITS HUGE!” With that, she hurled the mug across the air, letting it hit the wall with a loud, clear shattering of the glass. Whipping my head, I saw a tiny spider crawling. 

Sighing, I shook my head and walked over to it. 

“This your scared of this?” I made dramatic gestures with my hands to point at the wall where the spider stood still. She was nodding her head like a madman. Smirking and giving her an evil look, her face paled. 

“What are you doing?” she questioned, her face paler than normal. She knows that I know about her fear of spiders. This would be nothing compared to the snake prank I pulled on her. 
With that, I grabbed a piece of paper from the phone book, scooped off the spider, and began to walk towards her with it. 

“No Lex! Don’t! I will kill you!” she screamed at me. I began to run at her as she jumped down and sprinted out of the kitchen into the living room.

"It's just a little spider, Mads!" I protested.

"No! It's a killer! It's going to bite me and give me mutant powers!" she screams, ducking under my arm and running back into the kitchen. I spun around.

"You watch too much Spiderman!" I yell at her.

"I don't want to be like Peter Parker! I want to be like Batman!" she hollers back. I hear the back door creak and sigh, deciding to give up for now. I let the spider out and clean up the shards of glass off the ground. After I was done, I stood up, grabbed my Converse, and walked outside to the supermarket down the street. I wonder where Maddy went? Probably to some movie or something. Humming a song under my breath, I reached the glass doors. I made a dramatic entrance by kicking them open and walked in like a boss. 

Smirking at people’s reactions, I simply waved and winked at them. I scurried down the cereal aisle. My eyes scanned box over box trying to find my favorite one, Lucky Charms. 
Seeing it near the corner, I leaned down to get it when I heard shouting. 

“Move!” Looking up, I saw a guy in a cart flying down the aisle. My eyes widened as I tried to roll back, as I did my arm got rolled over. It felt like everything was in slow motion, I was staring at my arm which was getting all purple like. The guy fell out of the cart and tumbled to the ground. That’s when I felt the pain surge through my veins. 

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