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17 year old Haylee Brown is visting her mom for the summer in London. She didn't want to leave her boyfriend of 2 years, and leave her dad. As soon as she steps onto the plane to headed to London, her life already changes when a boy with gorgeous green eyes and brown curly hair comes into it.


5. Your what?!

Haylee P.O.V.

Harry had his hand locked to mine, until we got into the acual airport. I was confused, wasn't that the only reason he had my hand? There were tons of girls, screaming there names, begging for hugs or autographs. I was walking by Harry who was taking in the fame, smiling and waving. I saw my sister Kendall at a candy machine. "Um, Harry?" I said to him, "Yes love?" He said, "Theres my sister, so I better get going." I said to him, his eyes then shot to the ground, "Alright, I will call you sometime," he said, then he did the unexpected and leaned in.

I was about to lean in, when someone pulled Harry away. It must have been a manager or something, because he then said, "No, Harry." Harry nodded, then gave me a friendly hug. What was that all about? I thought, I then walked over to my mom and sister...and her knew husband.

"Oh my gosh! Rob! Haylees here! Haylees here!" My mom shouted. She looked different. She used to wear caual clothes. Now she was wearing high heals and some sort of fur coat with a bunch load of gold jewerly. Kendall looked the same. She had her hair all curly and some makeup and fancy clothes. "Um, hi." I said to her, she then pulled me in and gave me a long hug. I pulled away, when Rob walked over with his hands in his pockets. "Hello Haylee." he said, I rolled my eyes at him. Then turned to Kendall who was on her Iphone. Wow. I thought she turned into a spoiled brat, not even saying hi. "Well hi?" I said to her. "One direction was just here!?" She screamed then running around in circles, "Yep. You just missed them, when you were at the candy machine." I said to her. "Ugh!" She screamed then walked away into the bathroom. "Well you must be starving!" my mom said. She then handed Rob my bags. I checked my phone, Harry texted me, "Can I see you tonight?" he asked me. "Mom, can I go out tonight?" I asked her, she laughed a little, "No.. you just got here sweetie! We have so much to catch up on!" She said, I then glared at her. She had changed so much. We got into the car, it started raining. After a long ride outside of London, we pulled up into a what was a mansion.

"Mom, Jake's coming over." Kendall said getting out of the car, "Whos Jake?" I asked her, "Dont worry about it!" she yelled then went inside, brat I thought to myself. I walked inside, there was tan painted walls, fancy furniture, pictures of her and Rob and Kendall. It was huge. My mom showed me upstairs, She opened the door and said, "Ta da!"

I walked into a room the size of me and dads whole house combined. It had light purple walls, with a king sized bed that had a black and white comforter. Then a falt screen with a stan with a blue ray system and about 30 movies. There was also a desk with a mac computer. There was two night stands on either side of the bed, with the same purple lamp and then one with a alarm clock. Then dark black curtains. "Wow," I said when I walking in. "And this is all mine?" I asked my mom, who had a smile of accomplishment. "Yes!" She squealed. "I need to go make dinner! You get settled in!" She said. She then walked out.

I sat on my bed, which was majorly comforable. My phone went off, it was Harry. "Hello?" I answered. "I needed to hear your voice." he said quieltly. "Awe Harry!" Louis yelled in the backgroun, I giggled. Then I told Harry about the house and everything. Wow, was all he could say, "Can me and boys take you out tomorrow?" Harry asked me, "Sure!" I said, then there was a knock on the door. "Dinners ready!" Kendall yelled, "Text me the details, I have to go I lov-" I cut myself off, what was I just about to say? "Um, bye." I hurried and said, then hung up. I didn't love him, did I?

I went downstairs, into the dining room. Rob, Kendall and mom already sitting down. We started eating. My mom kept asking my questions about school, and work, soccer then Ryan. I had totally forgotten about him as soon as I meant Harry. I smiled at the fact of  Harry. I liked him alot. I didn't know how he felt about me. "I have a surpise girls." my mom snapping me out of my day dream about Harry. "I'm pregant!" my mom said.

My month dropped. Kendalls eyes lighted in excitement. I couldn't help but blow up now. "What the hell!?" I shouted, "Haylee, don't swear." Rob said, my mom looked like she was about to throw up from my reaction. Tears in her eyes. "Shut up!" I yelled at him, he then backed off, "Gosh, why did I even come here!?" I shouted, then grabbed my shoes and phone. "Where are you going?" My mom asked me. "Any place then here with you and that baby!" I yelled, then slammed the door.

I walked outside, into the crisp air. I was raining still a little, I could see lighting in the distance. I didn't know where to go, so I just started walking towards the city of London.


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