With this work.

17 year old Haylee Brown is visting her mom for the summer in London. She didn't want to leave her boyfriend of 2 years, and leave her dad. As soon as she steps onto the plane to headed to London, her life already changes when a boy with gorgeous green eyes and brown curly hair comes into it.


1. We're over.

"Do you really have to leave?" Ryan asked me, folding his arms around a crossed his chest. "Yes, only for the summer, and if you work hard in your summer job, you could come down and visit me." I told him. He laughed because we both knew that wouldn't happen. Then pulled his arms around my waist. I loved it when he did that, just his warm hands on my tan, cold skin. He then leaned in, putting my against my car.

He then gently pressed his lips against mine, it was a magical moment, we haven't had much of those lately because we haven't been getting along. The reason why? because he has cheated on me 6 times in the 2 years we have dated, and I had a feeling he was going to do it again while I was gone. Ryan was one of those guys everyone wanted to date in our school. He was the boy with the blonde, surfer dude hair, and body. He could get any girl he wanted and he told advantage of that sometimes. I didn't know why I kept going back to him, he was such a jerk sometimes then other times he could be the most amazing guy you have ever dreamed of.

The moment was ruined when someone yelled a crossed the parking lot, "Get a room!" Ryan immediately pulled away to see who it was. It was Carter, one of Ryans good friends, Ryan then yelled, "See you tonight at the party!" Carter gave him a thumbs up, then Ryan turned his attention to me. "What party?" I asked him, he looked at the ground, avoiding my eyes and ignoring me. I hated being ignored.

"Um, its just a little get together with some friends." he mumbled, "Whos all going to be there?" I said to him with a pissy tone, I was getting pissed anyways. I wasn't one of those people who was always mad at life, I was one of those people who hid there emotions most of the time, and tried to stay as down to earth as possible, but with Ryan, I didn't do that.

There was a silence, then he said, "Carter, Jake, Derek, Drake, James, Linda, Taylor, Selena, Chr-" I cut him off, Selena was his ex who he had cheated on my with 3 times out of the 6. "Selena?" I said through my teeth, I was mad now, he knows I hate her with all my heart. "God Ryan!" I yelled, then I opened my car door. I knew I was being over dramatic, but he promised me he would never go near her again. "What's you wrong with her being there!?" he yelled, yanking the keys out of my hand. "You know whats going to happen," I said to him, "Oh really whats that?" "You're going to get drunk or high then you will hit on Selena, and we all know you will and she will like it!" People were staring now and watching, it was the last day of school, so people were still at school hanging out.

Ryan laughed then said, "Maybe I will!" I couldn't belive what I just heard, "Were done." I said under my breath. "What?" he said, I grabbed my keys from his hand, then slammed the door and drove off.



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