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17 year old Haylee Brown is visting her mom for the summer in London. She didn't want to leave her boyfriend of 2 years, and leave her dad. As soon as she steps onto the plane to headed to London, her life already changes when a boy with gorgeous green eyes and brown curly hair comes into it.


4. The plane ride

Haylee P.O.V

I was so embrassed from what had happened. I got on the plane and sat down. Great, I was sitting next to a fat sleeping man, could this day get any worse? I couldn't stop thinking about Ryan. I loved all of our good memories, now it's all history. No more guys, I kept saying to my self. I decided to read a magaizine, while scanning through the pages, I heard someone yell something. I regonized the voice.

I looked up to see One direction, sitting down just a couple of seats a crossed from me. I could feel my eyes widen. Harry was staring at me. He wouldn't look away. "Harry!" Louis yelled again, Harry then snapped out of it, then sat down. He turned around and stared at me again. My heart was pounding. I have never seen them in real life. Harry was gorgeous. Well they all were! And I would be on a plane with them!? Play it cool, I thought to myself.

Hours past, out of the corner of my eye I would see Harry looking at me from time to time. The man sitting next to me, finally woke up. "Hello." he said, "Um, hi." I answered while looking up from my phone. "I'm Jarad, you are?" he asked, while holding out his hand, "Erm, I'm Haylee." I said, he smiled. He was creepy, just the tone of his voice was werid. "How old are you?" He asked me. I didn't want to talk to him anymore, but I couldn't hide in the bathroom for 6 more hours. "17..." I mumbled, "Oh, well when we land, maybe and you and I can go to my place and you know." he winked at me. "Excuse me!?" I said, Harry then was walking in the aisle, going to the bathroom or something. He must have heard what he said, because he then started going off.

"Leave her alone." Harry said under his breath, "Or what Curly?" the man mimiked him, then the man put his hand on my thigh. I immediattly pulled shot up, then removed his hand, "Dont touch her." Harry said, the man gave him a death stare. Harry then toke my arm and dragged me to wear the flight attendants were. He told me to wait outside the door. I did as told, a few mintues later he came back over, "I'm sorry love." He said, I blushed a little, "Um, no it's fine." I stuttered. He still had symapathy in his eyes. I then realized that he was the one who had tried to help me! And then the screaming girls! Also why he was staring at me. It all made sense.

"They said that we could get some differnent seats in the back, if thats okay." Harry said, he then came closer. We? I smiled at the fact that Harry wanted to sit by me, I looked down at the ground, when I noticed he was staring at the stratch I had on my face.

He liftted up my chin, "Don't do that." he said in a soft smoothing voice. "Do what?" I asked, "Hide your face, your to beautiful to do so." he was staring into my eyes, his hand still on my chin. I blushed and giggled a little. When he saw me smiling, he smiled. We then got directed to our new seats. "Sorry this isnt first class." he said, while I sat down by the window and him on the asile. "Stop saying sorry." I demanaded. He had already said sorry a bunch, it was very nice, but he was taking the blame for everything. He nodded. We started talking, I told him about my life and he seemed so interesting when it really wasn't. He started talking about him. There was much more than just "Hi, I'm Harry Styles from One direction." he was acaully a sweet, caring, interesting, amazing, and charming. I was falling for him.

We decided to watch a movie on the little screen infront of us. We choose, "Ice age." I must have fallen asleep, because we put the movie in, around 10 pm, and I was dead tired.

Harry P.O.V

I woke up with the sunlight in my eyes. I saw Haylee laying on my chest, curled up in a ball with a blanket. The sunlight wasn't shining in her eyes as much as it was mine, but it was on her hair. Her little blond highlights sparkling in the morning sun. I grabbed my phone from my pocket, it was 7:34 am, I saw Haylee open her eyes a little. No don't get up, don't get up. I thought to myself. She just laided her head back down, making a stran of hair fall over her face. I gently removed it, and chucked it behind her ear. I saw her smile a little. She was a amazing girl, she plays soccer, goes boating and rides dirtbikes and has a cabin in Montana where I have never been. She told me if we ever see eachother again, she would take me there! I needed to see her again.

I decided to go on Twiiter, and scan through tweets which some made me sad from the hate, but most of them were nice which made me happy. I saw a picture of Lux, I couldn't wait to see her again! We weren't going to land until 9, and it was 8:30 now. Haylee then woke up. She go up from my chest, then rubbed her eyes. She still looked beautiful even from waking up in the morning. She looked out the window for a second, then turned to me. "Hello." I said to her, "Hi," she said back and smiled. "How'd you sleep?" I asked her, "Probably one of the best sleeps I've had in weeks." she said, "Good." I said. She then stared out the window again, I couldn't help myself from staring. I could feel us decending to the airport, I leaned over, there was "Big ben." in the distance. "Theres Big ben." I pointed out, she smiled then said, "Wow." She was so amazed by it, which made me happy to see her happy. I was gaining major feelings for her. When the plane then touched the ground, I didn't want the flight to end, because with she was so amazing.

"Look," I said to her while people started exicting the plane."There will be fans out there." I said to her, "I know." she said looking down. I then grabbed her hand to reasure her, then I told her Paul will be watching out.



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