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17 year old Haylee Brown is visting her mom for the summer in London. She didn't want to leave her boyfriend of 2 years, and leave her dad. As soon as she steps onto the plane to headed to London, her life already changes when a boy with gorgeous green eyes and brown curly hair comes into it.


2. Leaving.

I sped onto the freeway. I had so much anger towards me, not sadness. I was sick of his bullshit. Maybe it was good for me to London for the summer, and get away from boys, and everything else stressful in life, even though I did not want to see my mom.

My mom cheated on my dad with her boss who was a doctor. She would sneak out some nights and my dad didn't notice for a while, until one night when he heard her leave, he got up and followed her tire tracks in the freshly fallen snow at 3:30 am. He then saw her go into his house and not come home till 5 am. The divorced pretty much crushed my dad and my 14 year old sister Kendall, because he would have done everything for her. Now hes not the same anymore, constanltly stressed out with work, but I loved him. We owned a boat and dirtbikes even a cabin, and thats what we would do when we needed to get away. My mom now lives in London with her new husband, Dr. Anderson and Kendall.

I pulled into the driveway, my dad wasn't home yet. I walked in, and did my daily chores. Then started cooking dinner. Tomorrow I was leaving so this would be one of our last dinners together so I was going to cook his favorite dinner which was tacos. I loved to cook, and my dad says I cook the best tacos ever. I started cooking the meat when he came home, "You didn't have to cook dinner!" He said, while giving me a hug. I laughed, then said, "I did dad." he smiled then gave me a kiss on the forehead, he noticed me sad.

"Whats wrong?" he asked me, tears filled up in my eyes, "Ryan." he then said, "I swear I'm going to kill that boy!" he yelled, "No, dad it just wasnt working out." I manged to get out, "Are you okay sweetie?" He calmed down a little, "Yeah." I lied. I wasn't okay, I loved Ryan and I did over react a little, then again, I'm glad we are over.

We ate dinner, we talked about each others day, and shared a bunch of laughs. After dinner, he sat down on the coach and watching TV, while I did the dished. I walked upstairs and started packing a little more. I turned on the radio. What makes you beautiful was playing, as always. I liked One direction a little, I used to ALOT, but when the fans started getting to crazy and they were starting to get a little bit to over exposed I stopped liking them. Kendall told me they were in New York where I live, this past week for a concert.

I danced around a little bit to the song, then when it finsihed I was finsihing packing. I looked at the time 9:42 pm, I was very tired, so I went downstairs and told goodnight to my dad, who was crashed on the coach, I turned off the light and TV, then went upstair and drited off to a deep sleep.

Beep! Beep! Beep! I slapped my alarm clock off, then moaned, I didn't want to get up. After a few mintues of trying to wake up a little, I got up. I walked into the bathroom and slipped of my pajamas and baggy T-shirt. I jumped into the shower. Taking a long, hot one. After I got out, I put on a white V-neck and some skinny jeans and a pair of flats. I didn't feel like getting fancy for riding on a plane ride for 12 hours. I didnt bother doing anything to my hair. My long brown hair flowed beautifully in its natural waves. I put on some mascara and eyeliner the headed downstairs. "Ready?" my dad asked me, when I walked downstairs. "No." I mumbled, he looked at me with sad eyes. I got my suitcases, we drove to the airport in silence. When we got there, he didnt want to pay 10 dollars to park the car. I said goodbye to him, tears rolling down my cheeks. I knew I would miss him.

I walked into the airport, it was very crowded, I was almost to security when I heard a bunch of girls screaming, I turned around to see about 100 girls running towards me, not stopping.



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