Classic College Life

Mary and her best friend Yasmin go to college together. 2 guys come into Mary's life. She will have to choose which one is best for her. This book is about love, hate, twists, and full of suspense.


2. Studying?


Mary’s POV


I look at Liam staring at me.  I walk away from the guy…I wonder who he was.  Liam catches up to me.

“Do you know him?” He asks.

“No.” I respond.

“Well I guess this is what college is like.”

“Guess so.”

“See you tomorrow.”


He seems like a nice person.  I head to the dormitory.

“Hey! How was History?” Yasmin said.

“Ehhh okay.”

“Did you make any friends? I did!”

“Some-what.  His name’s Liam.”

“That’s good. I met this girl, she’s our age, and she is so nice!” She said.

“That’s wonderful.” I said back.

I look at the clock.  It says 1:45.  I should head to music.

“Yasmin I have music now see you later!” I shout.

“Bye!”  I hear her say.

I stare at the map while I walk.  If that’s there…then I’m here, and I have to go there. Okay. Not to far.   I walk in the building, and turn right.  I see the music section.  I walk into the room, and sit in a chair.  The professor walks up to me. 

“Who might you be?”


“Nice to meet you Mary. You’re in the right class.  What instrument do you play? Or do you sing?”

“I play piano.” I reply.

“That’s good. Thank you.”


I’m pretty nervous. I don’t know anyone here and they all are staring at me.  I hope someone nice would be willing enough to become my friend.


Liam’s POV


I open the door to the music room.   I hate how everyone stares.  It nags me.  I sit in an open chair.

“Who might you be?” The teacher asks.


“Nice to meet you Liam. Do you sing or play an instrument?”

“I sing.”

“Very well. Thank you.”

I look around the room.  Is that Mary??  I cannot believe this.  She looks nervous…let me go talk to her.

“Hello again.” I say.

“You’re in this class too??” She says, amazed.

“Guess so.”

“Do you play an instrument?”

“I sing.” I respond.

“Really? Wow your voice must be really good. Mine is terrible.”

“No I’m sure you have a good voice.”

“I don’t know if my voice is good or not, I’m just to shy to sing in front of people.”

“You shouldn’t be shy.”

“I know.”  She says sadly.  :/

I sit back in my seat.  The teacher begins class.

All I hear is “Blah Blah Blah Welcome My name is Ms. Blah Blah Blah.”

“Listen up! We will be having a test tomorrow! It will be a review test, on sight-reading and melodies/harmonies.”

“Oh no” I think to myself.

When class ends Mary comes up to me.

“I’m going to fail that test.” She says.

“Why?” I reply.

“I haven’t played piano or keyboard in like a month!”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.  We should study together. ” I say

“Yeah we should.”  She replies.

“Are you available today? I ask.

“No sorry, I’m free tomorrow though?”

“That’s good too.” I say.

“Okay. Thanks”

“See you around.” I say back.



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