Classic College Life

Mary and her best friend Yasmin go to college together. 2 guys come into Mary's life. She will have to choose which one is best for her. This book is about love, hate, twists, and full of suspense.


1. Love at first sight?


Mary’s POV


            It was a lovely day today. The park was filled with children happily playing and running around. My best friend Yasmin joined-up with me.

 “I don’t want to go to college.  I’ll miss my family and all of my friends.”  I said.

  “Its for the best. College is where we have to go.  I don’t want to go either.” She said. 

“At least we will have the same dormitory!”

“That’s the ONLY thing I’m excited about.” She joked.  :)


**First day of College**


I wake up to the sound of my ugly alarm clock.  I get dressed, and since everything is already in my dormitory, I just drive there.

 “Bye Mom, I’ll miss you! Bye Dad, Bye Charlotte!”

 Time to go.  I get in my car, and take the 30 minute drive.  When I arrive I go straight to my dorm.  I see Yasmin has already finished getting ready.

 “Hi Yasmin”

“Oh Hey!”

“You ready for this?”

“No actually I’m pretty scared, I’m going to get so lost.”

“Don’t worry me too.”

I check online and I find that our schedules are out.

“Yasmin I’m going to print out our schedules.”


I print them out.

“Yasmin We have Math together, and we have the same teachers for Drama and PE.”


I head to Social Studies class.  It was the first thing on my schedule.


“Good luck!”

I walk in the building and down the hall.   I find classroom 204.  I sit in an open seat and open my notebook.


Liam’s POV

            I wake up to the noise of Harry screaming at me. 

“Wake up Liam! You have a class right now!”

“What?” I yell.

“Yeah, you have History class! Wake up mate!”

“Oh no.”

First day and I’m late.  Great.  I get dressed, and prepare my stuff.  I walk down the hall and find room 204.  When I walk in everybody is staring at me.

“Sorry I’m Late.”

“It’s the first day. I’ll allow it this once.” The professor says.

“Thank you.” I respond.

I sit down and open my notebook and take out a pen. 

“Mary, would you like to introduce yourself first?”

“Um, sure.” She said.

I’ve never seen a girl like that.  She smiles, then says her name and her hobbies.  Man, her smile is perfect. 

“My name is Mary, I’m 19 years old, and I like swimming and archery.  My favourite colours are purple and blue, my favorite singer is probably Bruno Mars, and I love Disney movies the most.” She says.

“Good, any questions?”

My hand shoots straight up.


“What is your favorite Disney movie?” I say.

“Probably Finding Nemo or the Toy Story movies.” She says.

This girl is perfect.

Everybody goes up to the front of the classroom and introduces themselves.

The bell rings.

I pack up my things and leave the class.  My next class is music and it is dead on 2 o’clock.  Then after that is Technology.

I wait till Mary comes to the door. 

“Hello.” I say.

“Oh hi Liam.”

“How are you?”

“Kind-of nervous, I think I’ll get ---“

Some bloke came up to her and said

“Dang girl…what ya doing talking to him?”

Mary looked at me with the eyes of an angel.  She gave me the look that means “Help.”

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