Sarah a 12 year old girl is getting beaten by her mother. Jadyn her friend trys to help her get through it. She gets new friends on the way, and maybe a boyfriend. But will she survie that long to get there? What is she dies in the procces. And how about going through life like a normal kid.


1. My life.

Chapter 1

My face scrunches up into a look of pain. But I relax for two-three seconds before I feel pain again. I wonder how long this will last. All I can hear is my thoughts, and the sound of the whip, as it coils with me body. I didn’t do anything this time, I swear I didn’t. I just woke up before dawn and cleaned, made breakfast, took a shower, changed into clothes, and made sure everything was in place. But she hit me again for one little thing. One small thing. Barely see able. But she caught it.

The table, where I put everything perfect, the glass, had a little smudge on the side. So she got up as I was wondering what she was going to do, she slapped me hard enough for me to fall over on my right side. I just stayed there still, and waited. She whipped me hard. I’m sure my scars or bruises will bleed again.

I’ll get new one’s to. She stops, looks at the clock. And glares at me.

“Get ready for school. And patch up and you get no dinner for tonight.” That’s all she says then grabs what she needs and leaves to her work. I get up slowly and walk towards the cabinet above the stove. Before I reach for it I feel to see if the stove is on, no. I reach for the cabinet and grabs some huge bandages. I lift up my shirt and clean, and bandage my wounds.

I hope I can at least get to school and let Jadyn know I’m ok. I put my navy blue shirt down, and walk to my room. When I’m in the room I grab my hoodie and my backpack. I look at myself in the mirror. My hoodie covers me hair, face, and arms. My black pants cover all my legs and even my feet. I have no shoes. I never got any. This is my outfit, my only one.

I walk out of my house and head down the street. My backpack hangs on my left shoulder and I look down so people wont see my face if a wind comes or something. I look like a homeless person. I’m so focused in my thoughts that I don’t my only friend Jadyn walking in front of me, I bump into him and fall. I look up, and see Jadyn look over his shoulder and smile.

“Hey little hazel.” He frowns and picks me up.

‘Sorry for bumping into you, I wasn’t looking where I was going.’ He lifts up my shirt and you can see almost my ribs fully. I’m so thin, he can pick me up like a baby with ease. He see’s new blood coming from my wounds.

“Shit! What the hell’s wrong with your mother!” he growls. He hands me some food and I greedily eat it. Not that hungry anymore but still am. At least I wont pass out today.

‘Sorry.’ I sign. I’m mute. I’ve been like that my whole life. Jadyn knows what I’m saying since he’s had friends who where mute or death.

“Sarah. Stop doing that.” he says calmly. I nod. Well let’s head to school, if you don’t feel good tell me and I’ll take you to my house.” he smiles at me. I frown.

‘Stop acting like I’m a kid. I’m 12, one year younger then you.’ I show an emotion of annoyance. Jadyn’s the only one who knows what I look like.

“Whatever.” he smirks, shit he’s going to- he takes off my hood and messes up my hair. ‘BASTARD!’ I sign angrily. My face is red with angry and embarrassment. I change my expression to calm and put my hood back on. I look up at Jadyn and smirk devilishly.

“S-Shit! W-Wait you know I-I’m kidding.” Jadyn stutters and backs up. He starts running to school with me in tow. ‘I TOLD YOU, NEVER TOUCH MY HAIR!’

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