Bad Luck Isn't Always So Bad (One Direction fanfic)

Blythe had an average life up until the day she left her mother and her childhood home to move in with an uncle she only recently discovered she had. But when that day goes from bad to worse and she misses her flight, five certain boys happen to enter her life and change it completely.


3. Chapter 3: Turbulence

I must have fallen asleep shortly after I talked to Harry, because before I knew it, I was being awoken by nearly being knocked out of my seat. The jet shook for a couple more seconds, then eased back into a less violent glide. Gripping the arm of my chair, I pulled myself together and leaned back, now noticing the navy blue blanket that enveloped me. Considering I don't remember grabbing it myself, I figure that one of the boys put it on me while I slept. I remove the blanket and toss it into an empty seat nearby, still unaccustomed to how considerate they are, especially since we haven't known each other for any more than a few hours. I understand that whoever did it was only being nice, but it was just too weird. A free ride in a private jet with them was a lot to do for being complete strangers, but taking care of me? Too much.

It's now that I notice that I'm not the only one awake. Harry, who had moved to a seat across from me, had an expensive, shiny pair of headphones atop his head and his attention on the screen of a portable DVD player in front of him. Feeling awkward about our previous conversation, it's a minute or two before I decide to call out to him.

"Um, hey," I say rather quietly, trying to not to disturb the others from their sleep but also hoping that Harry won't be able to hear me so I can give myself a pat on the back for at least trying to be nice.

Unfortunately, he somehow hears and glances up, flashing a cheeky smile when he sees that it's me. I don't really get this boy and his flirtiness. "Hey! You seemed kind of cold earlier so I tossed a blanket on you," He says, spying the discarded cover and adding quickly, "I hope you don't mind."

I shake my head, despite the fact that I actually do. "Oh, um, it's fine. You didn't have to do that, though."

 "No big deal." He shrugs nonchalantly, sliding his headphones down so they rest at his neck.

I just nod slightly. "Okay.. Do you know how much longer unt-" The jet cuts me off by viciously shuddering, sending me slamming hard into my left armrest, and then the right. Gently rubbing where the seat brutally rammed into me, I look out the window. Or at least I try to, not seeing it at first because of the  heavy snowfall outside making the window blend into the white interior walls.

"Are you alright?" I hear Harry call to me. I rip my eyes from the camoflauged window and turn to the curly-haired boy.

"Fine," I say back. "Just a bit beat up."

He just nods, me suddenly realizing that rest of the others were still sound asleep. How can they possibly sleep though this? Though, if they've ever slept in a tour bus, which I would assume they have since they're the 'biggest boy band in the world,'it probably couldn't be too terribly worse.

I then notice Harry's hands are pressed to his side, looking as if he was in some serious pain but didn't want to let it show. "Are you okay? You like someone just punched you in the gut."

"Perfectly wonderful," he says, though it's obvious he's quite the opposite. His jade green eyes flicker to my own honey ones, and my heart flutters. Wait- heart fluttering? That can't be right, that only happens when you have feelings for someone.. Oh hell no. I did not like this curly-haired, dimpled boy. We just met, and I am certainly not a believer in love at first sight or any of that kind of bullshit. I probably just misinterpreted the feeling wrong, it must be heartburn. Yep, that sounds good; definitely just heartburn.

I scoff, "Sure you are, Mr. Macho Man." He smirks a little at that and I feel my mysterious heartburn return. That is, until a pained expression overcomes his face. He groans softly, and a strange feeling washes over me- worry. How odd a feeling it is, especially when the only person I've ever worried about for a while is myself. Not even my mother; I firmly believe that she is capable of taking care of her own self and doesn't need me to fret over her. So, obviously, I'm really confused as to why I have this sudden need to make sure he's alright.

A/N: If you're reading this story, thank you<3 It's the first story I've ever written (let alone a fanfiction, haha), and I really appreciate you taking the time to look at it. Sorry for taking literally forever to update :/ There's something about writing that makes me want to blow it off, and I feel really bad. I'll try my best to update more frequently from now on. ;] Please favorite!! -Lots of love, Lexi c:

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